Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

Keeping the kiddos from killing each other during Spring Break was a difficult task. Keeping the kiddos busy during Spring Break was even more of a challenge. I found oddball jobs that I didn't want to do and had the kids do them. Organization is one job kids love to do so they did alot of cleaning drawers and such. When Monday rolled around this week, I was more than happy to wake up once again at 6 am and usher them out the door to their school buses at 7. One week was enough for me.....and I'm good to go again until Summer. That's a whole 12 weeks I have to keep them entertained and that's always fun!

As the kids get older I realize how much they really do need school and how I would never be cut out to homeschool. Sure we've always done workbooks, projects and other school type things before preschool and during the summer here but to sit them down for 2-4 hours a day to school, I think I may just lose my mind, especially with the bickering!

Other things have been going well around here. Damien has started saying "bee-boo!" for peek-a-boo. They are discussing our upcoming evaluation for next year's services and where we will place him. I have made them fully aware I want him at Early Intervention his first year. His Apraxia and tongue thrust are still so bad that even the director of the center knows he'll fail his eval. He's one of the worst speech cases they've had come through. We can't figure out why he can't talk because otherwise he's a super smart guy. Alot of people will ask publicly "does he have a lisp?" It's not a lisp, it's more that he can't control his tongue and where to put it so he sounds like Sylvester the cat.

Mia has been trying to stand and walk because of how fast she takes off when she can push her weight up with her leg. She's still not walking much, just when she feels like showing off and then it's back to walking on her knees.
The kids had their first soccer game this season on Saturday and we nearly froze to death. I believe it was 30 degrees and a 20 mph wind speed. This swing shift weather is horrible. So we bundled up in blankets while our kids half freezing played their games then got into the car wiping huge loads of snot from each of their faces.

Our schedule this month has been insane. Here's a run down of every week.

  • Sunday- Church (2 weeks out of 6 I'm either in the nursery or preschool)
  • Monday- Church playgroup 10 am/ Avon orders by noon every other week/4H or PTO alternate every other week.
  • Tuesdays- Damien SLP visits 1:30 pm/ Soccer practice at 6 pm(1 rabbit meeting a month)
  • Wednesdays- Awana 7-8:30 pm
  • Thursdays- Girl Scouts 6:30-7:30
  • Fridays- Soccer practice 6 pm
  • Saturday- Soccer games 10 am
Toby has been such a little blessing to have around. It makes me so happy to see Dominic connecting with Toby. I'm not sure if it was because he picked him out himself but he talks to him and loves on him all day. He actually has conversations with him. One day I walked in and he was saying, "what's that Toby? Nuh uh! I'm a good boy? Really? Hey momma, Toby says I'm a good boy!" It's hilarious. The 2nd or 3rd day we had him he said, "momma, Vinnie is watching from Heaven and he likes Toby and Jesus does too." Talk about melting a person's heart. We got a special little rabbit for a special little boy.


maryellenlewis said...

I hear you on the crazy days! I'm starting to rethink homeschooling after today, and I only have 3 kids! :)

Nicole said...

We're only on day two of Spring break and I'm already pulling my hair out. I'm trying to do things with them (like take them to the museum) but it's exhausting!

Good lucky with your eval and placement btw.

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

I agree, I am not cut out for homeschooling. I supposed it'd be different if my kids weren't receiving the attention and proper education they do because we're in such a rural area. But, I think they appreciate the time they spend together after being separated at school all day. We definately have some bicker-full moments around here, especially during vacations. It's hard to find an activity when the ages vary so much. Sounds like you've got the right idea, though!