Friday, March 28, 2008

What Little Sisters Learn from Big Brothers

Mia at 14 months has learned......

  • if brother gives you something, it's probably something you shouldn't have so take it & run
  • make loud engine noises and brake sounds with cars when playing with brothers because it's more real

  • fart, laugh, and point at her butt looking at brother for approval.

  • burp, laugh and point at brothers because it's better to blame them on the burps

  • pick her nose and show everyone what's to be discovered up there

  • when daddy is laying on the floor, follow both brothers lead and attack!!

  • to push away saying "uh uh!" at any kid in the nursery who tries taking her toy or yell for brother to help her get a toy from another kid.

  • take advantage of any pen or marker mommy leaves out, and again run if she sees it in your hand.
  • the words boobies, butt, and weenie are always funny especially if you point to them when those words are said.

  • follow suit in saying "yuck" at any food put on the table.

  • an empty kleenex box is much better than a full one.
and even if they act like they hate having you around.........they really do love you to pieces because they love having a little sister.


Angela said...

That little girl sure has learned a lot in her 14 months. She does have some great teachers though. Great pics!

utmomof5 said...

If big brothers are good for anything it is to teach little sisters how the world works.

Jen P said...

I love the last pic!! She is learning all the good stuff!

Kbreints said...

oh-- they are so sweet! I love the empty kleenex box!

Chels said...

Awwww! She's so cute! I wonder how well Ral will do teaching Aiden the ways of the world.

Kristi Ann said...

That post totally made me giggle!! LOVE it! :)