Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's a......... sneak peek!

Our house is full of sickness at the moment. Yesterday I woke feeling a bit off but went to my OB appt. Did all the routine stuff but when it came to finding a heartbeat, they couldn't. I told the nurse I couldn't find one Sunday night working 30 minutes and nothing. So they went ahead and did a sono so I got a sneak peek! Come to find out, like Mia, my placenta is in the way so we can't hear much except an occasional few beats or the loud placenta wooshing. Our little one didn't want to hold still at all for anything. Measurements, still shots, it was rock'n and roll'n in there. Heartbeat was 168 which seems considerably fast compared to the others. Since I hear there's like a 20% chance you can figure at this point if it's a girl or boy I tried looking and it looked like a boy from what I saw but I guess we'll see next month. I guess they are doing quad screens different now. You get a blood draw at 12 weeks and 16 weeks and they combine the results. I had not planned on blood to be drawn so I hadn't ate or drank anything which always frustrates my nurses. After leaving I still felt a bit weird but figured it as morning sickness or the blood draw. I came home to my sister with the kids and Damien was having a cough attack which made him puke up phlem. Which sent me to the trash can throwing up. Which sent my sister to the bathroom heaving and gagging from listening to me in the kitchen. Lovely.
So since Mia and Damien were both coughing, fevers and just overall in crappy condition I had made them appointments right after mine. I told my sister I felt really nauseous and asked if she'd come which she agreed. I had told her I was pregnant before we left again just thinking I had some morning sickness. She was shocked but thought it was awesome, better me than her as she always says. lol I seriously thought I was going to throw up in the time we were at the Ped's office. I told Dr and nurse I had some bad morning sickness today for some reason just in case I lunged for their trash can. The kids were dx'd with Croup. We were given Zithromax and steroids. If their airways don't seem to improve they'll be going back on breathing treatments I just need to go pick up a nebulizer.

Came home, walked in the door and tried settling my stomach with some cornflakes. 10 minutes later that came up. Everything I ate or drank came back up in the worst forceful way. After puking about the 6th-7th time, I called my hubby and asked for him to please come take care of the kids. I was sure by that time I had stomach flu. I felt awful for my sister sticking around cleaning up the kitchen and helping out when she was obviously going to get sick. So he came home and took over with everything while I laid on the couch afraid to move a muscle from the horrible feeling of nausea. Just as I started feeling better around 8 pm the #2 problem arrived so I knew then it was officially stomach flu. Now I have to pray everyone else doesn't get it. Today I am feeling so much better. I can eat! I can drink! I lost 5 lbs in a day! Wow!


Kristi Ann said...

yikes!! Be sure and eat eat eat!!! That baby needs all he/she can get! :) So excited for your family!!! Glad all is well!
Hugs to the kids~

Kbreints said...

yeah!! Love the sneek peek! sorry you are not feeling well! Having it while you are pregnant is not fun either. I had it with Sam and I was about 28 weeks... he was kicking and I was throwing up at the same time.

utmomof5 said...

try to stay hydrated and go to bed!!! Feel better soon!

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your sono pic. It's awful that you are so sick right now. I'm battling a flu bug too. Not fun.