Friday, April 25, 2008

"Mommy! Look What I Did All By Myself!"

Ahhh. Don't cha love when they start dressing themselves?? Nothing like a maroon/navy stripeed henley matched with a pair of royal blue track pants. We won't be going anywhere this morning or afternoon so I'll let him wear it. ;)


Kbreints said...

yeah-- I still pick out Henry's cothes, but I let him dress himself-- unless of course I am in a hurry- b/c you know it take FOREVER! most of the time running around naked!

Kristi Ann said...

yay Dom!! I cant tell you how many times I will pick something out for Bug to wear only to turn aroundand have him walk out in something COMPLETELY different. And since I choose my battles....clothes are NOT one of them (unless its shorts in 20 degree weather) LOL

Proud of Dom though, way to GO!~