Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Really? I'm Not Surprised At All!

Well the announcements seem to have made their way to most family/friend's homes yesterday. I got 4 phone calls asking if it was a joke for April Fool's or for real. My sister Jill was a complete wreck over the whole deal. She called me back a second time infact. My lord, you may of well said I was dying in 2 months and asking her to take all 4 of our kids. She kept repeating, "are you serious? You have got to be kidding!" I got 2 congrats, Grandma of course was thrilled to death and mom said congrats after alot of stupid questions. Oh and my sister no congrats, just a bunch of stupid questions.

By stupid questions I mean these which I've decided to answer back "stupidly" on here for a laugh.
  1. Was this planned? - No, they were all huge mistakes. I kick myself in the ass daily.
  2. Were you on any birth control? yep, 5 kinds and it all failed!
  3. What's Dave think of this? He's said he's going to divorce me and take them all.
  4. Where are you going to put it? "It" is going to live in the garage.
  5. How can you afford it? I secretly sell myself on the weekends.
  6. What if it's another boy?? We'll make good use of him around the yard when older.
  7. Are you going to have more after this? Dave wants to go til we're tax exempt.
  8. Are you going to get fixed? Am I broke??
  9. Why would you want 5 kids??! Why would you want 2?
  10. Are the kids happy your pregnant? No they are so mad they're all moving out early!

Why is it that people get so wound up of others choices to have more than the norm on kids? It just totally mystifies me. Man I could care less however many kids other people choose to have. Why would I care? It's a personal choice and you choose what you can or want to handle. Do they think all couples with lots of kids must be on welfare? I know a few mom's who yeah I was pissed when they had every kiddo paid for by the state. That to me is wrong but for people who have the money, have the resources available (like us with no debt except this house) I just don't understand the concern. I'm baffled. I remember when talking of having more kids on an old babycenter board I hinted that I was hopeful after Mia to have another and someone responded, "yeah Sabrina, we already know you're a freak." Is that what Large Family mom's are? Freaks? Man I was so unaware of that.... And (and hearing "Sorry Sabrina, motherhood isn't all sweet like roses") was one of the last straws for me sticking around there! lol

So anyways this baby like the rest of the crew will be paid for before the birth just so everyone knows. There's no welfare accepting here. lol I made my first $200 payment to my OB Monday. Our total out of max is $2500 so I just slowly pay the hospital and OB before hand and then we come home with a baby, no bills. And I still haven't heard from my Dad on if he got his announcement. As far as I know, he could have had a heart attack after reading it. He's the hardest one of the bunch to get a decent reply from. He always ends up saying he's happy for us but not without dragging out a calculator doing the math for braces, cars and college.


Wendy-MommyInTheKnow said...

I HATE THOSE STUPID QUESTIONS!!! I love your answers. "IT is going to live in the garage." LOL We are thinking of number 4 and the first thing is "How can you afford it?" It's funny I don't remember telling anyone how much we made. And we can't even afford that's never stopped us. Best of luck.

Jena9286 said...

I've gotten the "are you fixed?" question before. How rude! My favorite, is the "Do you know what is causing it?" I always say No and ask them to explain it to me. We are done having children but people still ask us if we are going to have more. I think that is rude too. What business is it of theirs. I wish we would have more, but for our family four is enough. I do truly congratulate you and am so happy you are able to add to your family. Be joyous for yourself and screw everyone else!

Annie said...

I am here to congratulate you! What joyous news and what fun you'll have - and that's no joke about the boys and the yardwork! I really enjoy that perk! (Especially snow in the winter, "please help me bring the groceries in" and "would you take out the garbage, please?")

We've adopted our big family, and people really have been nice, but I do hear an occasional "Are you going to get any more?" with a certain TONE.

Cindy said...

You know I donn't understand why people can't just be happy. I am not asking anyone else to pay for my kids, so until I do, they have no right to say anything. BTW congrats

Sabrina said...

Oh I forgot to post the best part! My sister said in our conversations yesterday that buying for 5 kids is too much money so she's getting us all a joint gift this Christmas and she's not sure what she'll do on birthdays. Nice eh? Like I care about her buying my kids gifts!

Thanks girls! Always nice to hear you're not alone! lol!! Thanks Annie for the congrats!!

Sara said...

Hehehehee. Chuckle. SNORT. Your sense of humor CRACKS ME UP. I can't wait till I have enough kids for people to ask me stupid questions. I will be sure to memorize all your answers. :)

I love that you announced it on April Fools Day. hehehehe.

Kbreints said...

Well Screw them. If it makes youguys happy-- don't worry waht everyone else thinks!

I think that it is wonderful. Babies are wonderful!

Sabrina said...

Dave called his Aunt and Grandma and they are really excited for us. So there are some who are happy! lol He told them not to tell his mom since she hasn't got her card yet.

maddie said...

I am so glad your fam finally knows!! People are always going to comment regardless of family size. I have one child, i come from a fam of 6 kids, where my mom had 9 siblings and my dad 8 and the mention of me having another one results in similar comments.....
I wouldn't take online comments too personal. It is hard to read the emotion behind words.... the only thing freaky about you is your great organization skills..which is what helps you be such a great and attentive mom to all your babies. Wish I was a little more "freaky" too. Can not wait to hear what you guys are having next....congrats congrats!

maddie and noemi (bbc)

Jennifer said...

grrr...don't even get me started. My husband had a vasectomy because of the reaction from our family with the 5th. Biggest mistake ever!!!

utmomof5 said...

Just wait until they are all here and complete strangers look at you and say "Are they all yours?" Why do people think we need their opinion on everything? I am happy for you -- 5 kid moms RULE!!!

Amie said...

Here's one family memeber that is happy for you........we really need to get together when things slow down for you (do things ever slow down for you?)

Amie :)

Kristi Ann said... go girl...

as for me..

I am THRILLED for you. We want to add to our family of 2 ...SOO bad....and I'm not sure when I'll stop. My kids are my BIGGEST blessings!

Love ya and HUGE CONGRATS!

Sabrina said...

Ok so I found out from my sis Mandi today why my other sister is so pissed off. She wants another!!! I had no freakin clue! She has always said how she is so glad her kids are out of diapers, sippy cups, etc. (they are 8 and 5) and she is DONE! So this was a total shock to me! :0 Anyways- I guess Mandi said she cried that night after yelling at me on the phone and then told Mandi when she was visiting that she want another with her significant other but they can't even get their crap together. Right now they are seperated, she kicked him out. He has 2 boys from previous relationships and they have her daughter and the other daughter they had together. She's got an IUD in so she wouldn't have to worry about kids but I guess she's been hoping things would get better with the 2 of them and they could have another.

So this explains why she lashed out the first time and then called me back for Round #2 interogating me if this was planned, etc. I can't believe all this time she's been lying to us all but I guess I kinda had to. lol! I always tell people we're done but like I told her the other day, I just say that because I don't feel like hearing people's opinions if we said we did want any more.

Right now with my sister and her seperated boyfriend, they can't afford another if they wanted to and I think she knows it. They are fighting bancrupcy on a vehicle and live so superficially it's sad. By that I mean new everything, all kinds of stupid toys, weekend vacations on themselves, splurging on stupid things, etc.

So I guess that solves that mystery. I don't plan on saying anything to her since it's a secret but if she pushes my buttons this whole pregnancy you'd better believe I'll say something. ;)

Lucia's Mom said...

duh. Well if one of the older ones needs braces, surely you can just give up one of the younger ones for adoption? Who on Earth thinks you should not have a child who will be LOVED so you can pay for braces!!??

You gotta just stop telling your family and send them the card with the baby photo on it. I can't believe your own family gives you flack about having a baby. I've told everyone we want a big family so I hope they have had enough time to let it sink in.

But I think you should stop telling them you're done, because that's why they're all confused and asking if the baby was planned etc. Just be honest about it, say you're not sure or you'll see what happens, or ya, you love kids and would love to have more if you feel ready to take on the responsibility!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Wow. I could've written that exact post after our fourth ultrasound that yielded twins. I was actually greatful that that pregnancy was unique so that it wasn't "just another one." What a crappy feeling. Ya, my mom thinks she is the police of how many kids anyone should have. My sister is trying for her first, so I guess I have some guilty feelings there, also, about wanting another some day...a sixth (or hopefully another set of twins!) while she's struggling to have her first.
Anyway, rest assured your blogging "family" is happy for you! Congratulations!!

Adam's Mom said...

people can be so inconsiderate! I am more than happy for you sweetie!