Friday, April 04, 2008

Meet Mia Again At Her Finest


You may remember a few of my posts about Mia and her fits. Well it gets better! lol Lil Miss Mia has learned to throw some of the most enormous fits I have ever seen for a little girl! Alexzandra was such an easy kid. She is and was always quite little, never threw fits, she still never argues, never acts up! When I watch Supernanny and see some of the girls on there I think "I've never had to deal with that with my girl!" Mia however seems to me like she will be a classic Supernanny contestant. In fact if I sent in some videos of her throwing sippy cups at me and pulling my hair when I'm holding her, they may just want to come over. For almost 15 months old, she's seems to have mastered her fits to perfection, but there's always room for improvement.

Take for instance when she's really mad at me and pulling my hair doesn't work, she now claws me with her nails in the face. That'll get a person's attention! She squeals/screams "uh uh" nearly 90% of the time when I tell her something. Correcting her by removing her from a situation usually sends her legs a flying and her head bucking. Daddy has been wracked a time or two. Of course she's probably learned all this good behavior from her brothers over the past year of watching them. Hopefully though, as they say, it's all just a phase.


Jess said...

She sure is feisty!

Angela said...

This is what we like to call a "diva moment".

Adam's Mom said...

so what else do you do? I ask because Adam has some great fits

Sabrina said...

Sheri- biggest thing we often ignore but obviously in this video I wasn't because she was so out of control I wanted it on video. lol If she starts to really hurt herself we put her in her crib which she can still hurt herself by bashing the bars but she often calms down holding her blanket with a binkie in her mouth. We have always done time out for the kids when they act up. Usually their age is how many minutes they are in time out however with Mia it takes more than 1-2 minutes for her to calm down. If I gave her a chocolate chip when she was acting like she is in the video,she'd shut right up and everything would be fine though. lol! Ahh...the power of candy.