Saturday, April 19, 2008

Test Drive #1 Honda

So since we are increasing one in our crew we are looking for a better van than my 03 Windstar. I dropped off Mia and Damien and we took Alex and Dominic with us because when I was a kid I was always giddy when my mom and dad brought me along. I knew it'd be fun for them. First, I can fit 5 in the back of the Windstar, however there is no middle 3 point belt for Alex, just a lap and I am not cool with that. I totally believe the crash tests showing an impact could break a kid in half at the waist. So mainly that is why we are looking again before the baby arrives. Our van will be 5 yrs in September.

I wanted to try out the Honda Odyssey first because of the neat feature that it's actually 6 passengers in the back. It had DVD with wireless headphones, back up camera, seats that fold flat in the floor, 6 disc changer, doors that open with the remote, that feature where the door goes backwards if it senses something and that's a huge deal with little ones if you've ever had a kid smash a finger in a van door. (cringes on vivid reminder of Dominic smashing one) I was so amazed by the room and the dealer told us that it actually had more room than the Honda Pilot which some think is bigger since it's a SUV. You could seriously put 6 adults in the back if you needed to. The dealer sat in the 2nd row with the kids as he told them all the cool kiddie features. They were so in love with this blue van and Dominic must have said "sweet!" and "Cool mommy!" a good hundred times. So it was sad when we had to leave it (pouting from Dominic)but the dealer knew I needed to check all vans before settling on one.

Now we had planned on buying a Suburban, BUT I am not ready for the gas. When we take our 01 Dodge Ram out and I put my foot down to pass someone, I WATCH the gas gauge drop a tiny bit. If I can fit just as many in a minivan which gets a huge difference on gas mileage, I think I am going to just go that route again. I think it's going to cost less money and be better for us in the long run. Test Drive 2 will be this afternoon with a Dodge Grand Caravan Swivel and Go (the one with the table) Hopefully we can go find a Sienna at Toyota to try out as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sabrina...I love my Sienna...!

I get 19 miles to the gallon in town.


Lucia's Mom said...

I think the Sienna has a 6-seats in the back version. The middle center seat also moves forward in case you want the new baby closer to you.
Shopping for vans is fun! I can't wait until we need one.

utmomof5 said...

I have heard that the Sienna gets awesome gas milage. Personally I love the Odessey. If I drove a minivan that is what I would have. I drive a Yukon XL and the gas think sucks but I look so cool going down the road. :)

Wendy said...

I drive a Saturn Relay. I love it because it doesn't have a "mini-van" look. It looks more like an SUV. It gets about 18-19 around town and about 28 on the highway (crazy difference I know).

Colleen said...

We have the Sienna and love it, but I think what you take home is determined by what model has just come out. The newest Sienna had just come out when we looked, so it had better features...had the Odyessy been the newest model we might have gotten that one. We too have 19 miles to the gallon. Get a mini van, it's just designed for our lives: maintaining sanity with kids.

Jen P said...

Thats my van! I want it sooo bad LOL Who thought I would ever say that!!

how are you feeling Sabrina? I am soo excited to find out what you are having!

Jess said...

We looked at the Honda and the Toyota last year. My Subaru is a 2001 but it only has 75,000 miles on it so I am not in a huge hurry to buy. I liked the Honda more than the Toyota. I thought the interior was more comfortable and better equipped. My sister has the Chrysler and it is nice too. We comfortably fit 3 adults and three carseats in her van for a 12 hour trip a couple years ago.

I would avoid large SUVs at all costs. Gas prices are only going to keep rising, along with everything else that requires fuel for transport (FOOD).

Sabrina said...

JenP- I've been feeling really good! No morning sickness again with this one either. We should be finding out about this time next month what it is! I can't wait!

Jess- Gas prices have me scared to death to go any bigger. If we had anymore I guess we'll get an econo car and take 2 vehicles everywhere. Probably still be cheaper than a huge V8. lol