Sunday, April 20, 2008

Test Drive #2- Town and Country

Well I believe this is going to be our van unless the Sienna impresses me anymore. This commercial shows the exact van color. It's a light sea blue. It has gray leather with wood grain so I think it looks like it belongs to some 60 yr old woman but oh well. lol

And with Disney and Nickelodeon (Sirus TV), you can only imagine how excited the kids are. It's even got a DVD in the dash which cracks me up. I have to let them inspect my van so we know how much they're going to give us to trade. Dave's talking to this girl he works with if she's really serious about buying our truck and if all that equity is stuck on it plus the rebates and Dave's fleet supplier discount from work (hee hee!) We'll have it paid off in 1 yr.


utmomof5 said...

SOunds perfect! I hop e you get what you want!

Chels said...

We have a TNC. It's pretty nice....although make sure it has auto lights (apparently that is not standard for Chrysler) and that you don't have the el crapo cup holders that pull out from the front console - they are so flimsy and they spill beverage all over everything which is quite annoying. It sounds like you are looking at a nicer model, so these things are probably included.

How are you feeling?

Kirsten said...

I have a Town and Country and I have to add that because it takes E85 gas too I save about $1 a gallon when I can find it.

maryellenlewis said...

I loved our Hyundai Entourage! It's a 7 passenger though. Good luck with the decision.