Thursday, April 10, 2008

What A Great Week!

My very expensive 2.5 yr old hot tub died. A new Pump 1 Motor is $375 which is what died. A whole new engine replacing pumps 1 & 2 for it is $765!! I have to take my pick my pain. Note to Everyone: The big tubs with the 5hp engine is not always better.

It has been raining on and off now for 2 days. I am tired of it.

I missed playgroup again for the 4th week in a row Monday. I'm sure they all probably think I think I'm better than them. lol!!

Dominic's IEP review is today and my stomach has knots and butterflies. Although I've been wanting this day to come, I also haven't been wanting it to come either. My other blog has more about today on it if you click here.

Damien and I had a "talk" about potty training today in which he answered every question as uh uh shaking his head no. He doesn't want to do it, he doesn't want to wear Thomas or Spongebob underwear, he doesn't want to be a big boy. Oh he did say "yes!" to wearing diapers still though.

On a good note though, two old ladies (in their 80's)on separate occasions at the grocery store came up and loved on my kids yesterday. One told me she had 6 in 8 yrs and how she loved every minute of watching them grow up. The other just complimented how beautiful and well behaved they were waving to Mia and Damien as they waved to her.


Kbreints said...

it is always so wonderful to get good feedback about your kids! Sorry about the rough week! That goodness it is almost over!

Colleen said...

We have had the week from Hell too. I blogged a little about it. I had a lady at the strawberry farm tell me I was a good mom today because I was telling Connor to clean up the mess he made a the picnic table. She said most moms just let their kids throw food everywhere and leave it for others to pick up. Cool, I did ONE thing right :) Guess you did something right too. GOAL!!!!!

Adam's Mom said...

I love when my kids get loved on!

Shitty on the hot tub! I haven't been in mine since before I got pregnant! I'm five weeks post op - can I go in now?? Please say yes, Dr. Sabrina!

As for potty training - Adam has no interest. He'll sit there for fun but when I tell him "If you go pee on the potty I'll give you a treat" he says "no treat" great bribery doesn't work on him *sigh*

Sara said...

Thinking of you tonight. Post ASAP about today's meeting...


Sabrina said...

Sheri- I'd say if you were healed up now you'd be fine. I'd ask at your 6 wk pp though. I got in mine often when pregnant with Mia. We had the temp usually around 92-94 degrees. Dave would go out about 10 minutes before with a bucket dumping out some water and then put a cold hose in to knock the temp down.

Sara- The meeting went well! I'll post the details when I have more time but I am happy/content with his new IEP!

utmomof5 said...

I love stranger comments!! They can make my whole week.
Sorry about the potty training (0r lack there of) He will be ready someday -- just hopefully before kindergarten. :)

Angela said...

That sucks about the hot tub. I'm glad you got such kind words about your kids. You are a great mom!