Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Agreement

Thanks again everyone for all the words of wisdom dealing with D's crazy schedule. Jess, I think as long as I've known you that Bob's schedule has always been insane. So funny about him on the Blackberry in the middle of the night because 2 weeks ago we started getting calls over and over at 2 am and it was ADT security calling his phone that the alarm had tripped and they were sending someone to check it out. Then the other service manager called to see if he talked to ADT so he was quietly chatting in the bathroom to these people. Frustrating.

Last night I asked, if he gets 3 weeks a year for vacation if he could take atleast 1 day off a month. It was like smacking him because he didn't have a V8 for the day. PS. This is a guy who lost ALL his vacation last year because he didn't use it!!! He gave this strange look and said "I could probably do that.......starting in July." He said he'd alternate Mondays and Fridays which works for me. Last night he came home around 6:30 and I had steaks for him to grill. He chatted on the phone the whole time he grilled them running in and out of the house. I was annoyed but kept my mouth shut. I thought he was going to quit doing that, obviously I wasn't VOCAL enough.

Today is the last day of school. This was my frazzled morning. I woke up at 6:30 to get Alex ready and out the door. In the span of 6:30-7 am I made her a sack lunch, prepared 18 goodie bags, and popped 24 cupcakes in the oven for her birthday treats for her class. I woke Dom up at 7 and got him ready, fed and on the bus by 7:30. Flew to the shower as soon as the bus backed out of the driveway. By 8 am I woke Damien and Mia, gave them sippy cups and cereal in the van and off to the store we went. I bought Dominic a Congrats Grad mylar balloon, some candy bars, a Hotwheel and silly string for a goodie bag to tie with the balloon. Then I grabbed a sheet of premade chocolate cupcakes. I raced home and got the kids dressed and hair fixed by 9:00. Then I frosted the cupcakes, packed up the goodie bags, cupcakes, and Capri Suns in the van by 9:15. After that I grabbed the camera, camcorder, and of course the kids and put them all in the car. By 9:30 I was on my way to the 10 am graduation and shew! I got there with about 10 minutes to spare! I wasn't sure how much time I would have so I left Alex's birthday party stuff in the car for a bit and my dad and Dave helped me get the kids in the stroller and in the door for the graduation. I actually did get Dave to come but it took a serious guilt trip to pull it off. He'd came to Alex's and I told him that wasn't right at all not to make Dom's big day. After graduation my grandparents watched the babes in the stroller and Dave and I ran out to the car to get the birthday goodies taken to Alex's room so he could get back to work. At 11 am I raced all the way back to town and for the big Graduation day I got us all McDonalds. What a morning!

And here's a few pics of Dominic's big day!
He's wearing my old cap here (his school colors)
Before I forget too, my big sono is 6 days away. I put a poll on the left side if anyone wants to guess the sex for our tiebreaker. I'm so curious as to what it could be, I have no clue but everytime I guess I've been wrong and it's been the opposite. Yes, all 4 times, I've been wrong!


Jess said...

Bob always loses a lot of his vacation time too- simply because he doesn't use it. *sigh*

Welcome summer vacation! When is baby #5 due again? And when is the KC State Fair? If I am in town during the dates it is running I'm sure we will try and go. Don't you go every year? It could be fun to meet up!

Lucia's Mom said...

I hope you have a girl like me!

utmomof5 said...

I am tired just reading all the things you did this morning.

Sabrina said...

Christina- hey your 5 are older than mine so I can only imagine the chaos in your mornings. LOL!

Cristen- What makes you think I need another girl? LOL! I can't wait to see pics of Lucia's little sister when she arrives. So neat we're only weeks apart this time!

Jess- I'd be making Bob use some of that vacation. I couldn't believe Dave did that last year!!! I'm due Oct 16th but it's going to be the 7th I would imagine (Tuesday's are my dr's C days) The fair will be Sept 5-14th and living here where it is, we go every year atleast 2-3 times. I'd like to be a groupie this year at the Poison concert but I doubt Brett, C.C, or Rikki Rocket are going to go for me with my bulging belly.

Kbreints said...

Love the graduation pics! Adorable!

Rhonda said...

I make Quinn take his vacation! I keep track of the days and when it gets down to the last couple months of the year, I start telling him to take days off! I won't let him lose his vacation, specially when he works at home a ton too!

Graduation pics were great! I have no idea how you got that all done in the morning!!! I could never have pulled that off!!!!

Jen P said...

wow girl that was a LOT going on in one morning!! Congrats to DOM!!

I voted girl!! I cant wait to find out!!