Saturday, May 24, 2008


Alex stayed at my sister's last night with her cousin Madison. My sister had some school thing planned so my dad took her 2 and Alex at 9:30 am this morning. Then my dad decided to keep Madison and Alex overnight tonight. Talking to my mom on the phone earlier about it she asked, "what about K?" (my sister's 5 yr old) I said, "oh I think she's back with J." My mom said, "well I'll have to call J and see if she wants me to keep K overnight so she can have some alone time." I said, "Take my 3, Dave and I could use some alone time!!" She responded back, "well I don't want THREE, just ONE." OMG Dave is so pissed and me, I'm not surprised at all because I already have bitched about my mother and her favoritism with my sister.

In other news, we are still alive and slept right through 30 minutes of tornado sirens according to family frantically trying to call us at 12:30 AM. Whoops! It was actually far enough to the south we probably didn't have a chance of getting hit. After everything that happened with Greensburg a year ago, another tornado struck to the East of outside of town last night but was small enough there was no damage. That was the storm cell that ventured to our town last night and we're about 1.5 hrs East of there. The 3rd day in a row now of tornadoes dropping, this Tornado season is starting out rather busy!

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Jess said...

We've only had sirens once this spring but geeze, the storms out here are insane. I have never experienced wind, lighting and driving rain like it is here in KS. The thunder is so loud it shakes our house! We made a spot in our basement in case we have to take the kids down in the middle of the night- a twin bed is set up with linens in a rubbermaid underneath. I know this area of KS isn't tornado prone but I want to be prepared anyway!