Monday, May 12, 2008

Back To Normal!

Well D's mother flew out yesterday. I was so happy yet sad that once again she was gone. The week had been really tense with D and I because I had told his mom we had plans a few days after she arrived on Mother's Day. I just don't understand how you can miss telling someone you'll be staying at their place for an extra week!! Anyways up till Saturday evening at 8 pm, he had told me that he was going to stay at church as long as possible and if they hadn't dedicated the kids he'd just leave to take her to the airport which you can imagine pissed me off. But he had a bright idea out of the blue Saturday night that maybe his cousin could run her up there if he dropped her off at her house that morning so he did that and was able to get back, meet me at church and do the Child Dedications with me. Thank God too because I didn't want to be up there by myself with 4 kids, 2 which actions are unpredictable.

Anyways the 2 weeks went decent. She helped straighten up which was nice this time around. She couldn't run off in our truck since we traded it in. She kept taking us out to eat which we normally don't eat out but once a week. We ate out 6 times in 2 weeks!! She made a comment in the van driving somewhere that she could never move back here which really pissed me off. They moved away when Alex was just 2 weeks old and I've always had a grudge because of that. I can not stand them being grandparents when it's convenient. Sending boxes of crap to butter the kids up when they see them in person once a year. They haven't seen D's dad in 3 years because he can't get time off to come with their grandma. My parents are always with them taking them out, playing with them, etc. All they know of Dave's mom is she comes and sits around for 2 weeks. She's got Rheumatoid Arthritis so she can't play much and she complains to all of us that the weather is killing her joints. (sigh)

In other news I think I'm starting to feel movement but I'm not sure since it's still so soft. I chopped off all my hair and told my family I did it because Deb was stressin me out. lol And last we got another 4H Rabbit and the kids are calling him Oreo since he's a Dutch, although he's not black and white he's Silver and white with enormus feet.

I also hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday! I had gave Deb her gift as she left yesterday morning and we got together with my mom and stepmom later after church. Dave made breakfast and lunch for me but that's about it because TECHNICALLY the van was my Mother's Day gift. Alex gave me a plant, Dominic a button decorated picture frame and both gave me cards and these hilarious About My Mother forms the school had them do. According to Alex I'm 7 foot tall. Dominic says I'm Special because I'm the Boss.


Angela said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. Sometimes grandparents don't have to live that far away to only be grandparents when it's convenient. I have a MIL who only lives a few miles away and she only sees Makayla when we bring her to their house. It never occurs to her to come to our house to visit. Even when we invite her, she is "too busy".

I bet you are enjoying that new van!

Kbreints said...

Home made present are the best! I cannot wait to start to get those! I bet those forms were great!

utmomof5 said...

Yea for her being gone!! Glad you had a great day. I love the presents you got. One of my favorties is the form they fill out. The answers are the best!!

Wendy said...

I am glad you had a great Mother's Day.

Hooray! Your company is gone and you can relax for another year.

Congratulations on your family's dedication. What an awesome commitment to make.

Kristi Ann said...

HAPPY (belated) Mother's Day!!!!!!

Mama Kalila said...

Happy belated mothers day! I've been bad about keeping up w/ blogs lately so I just caught this lol.

My mil is just across town and thankfully we rarely see her... drives me nuts.