Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rabbits and Rugrats

I swear by the time we get to the time of the County fair, we're going to have a backyard full of rabbits. Not by breeding, but by finding them. So far we have 2 bucks. Here I was worried about a collection of Webkinz a short time ago which are no work at all! I'm ok with it though as I love animals. This is "Oreo" as the kids are calling him but he's not an Oreo because he's blue. I'd rather call him something else, Oreo doesn't fit. He's a Blue Dutch rabbit someone gave to us. Reading up and having some breeders look him over at last nights 4H Rabbit meeting, he's not show able or he could be, he'll just be disqualified quickly. LOL! He has a white blaze down the center of his face but no white blaze on his cheeks at all which is needed for proper fanciness of a Dutch. Oh and no white feet either.

Monday night was one of those multiple things going on kinda nights. (rolling eyes) Dom had ball practice, Alex her regular 4H club meeting, me PTO which I was unable to make it to. I tried sitting through 4H with the boys and Mia but they were loud enough I couldn't hear so I left because of the uncomfortable parent stares I was receiving and took them across the street to the gas station. A mom I know who works there, and I, sat around and chatted for a bit about school, the kids, and summer. The town my kid's attend school has a population of 1,000 so you can see how easily she could just sit around and chat. I bought the boys each a package of Chips a'hoy and Teddy Grahams to engorge in so I could get my adult time. Our kids are in the same class so we chatted about school field trips/events coming up and what the kids were doing this summer. She has 4 boys to entertain so I feel for her. Ball is huge in this small town so we talked about our kids playing ball and when practices were etc. Then she asked how much I thought my grocery bill would go up during the summer. Crap. You know I really hadn't thought. I don't believe it went up more than $100 maybe per month last year but she said she usually expects a few hundred. Now I'm wondering if I should add an extra $200 into the monthly budget for kid food. I've already figured I need an extra $100 a month just to take them to the zoo, parks, museum, water park, speech therapy, etc to keep them busy. I know doing daycare I bought between $150-200 a week so I can easily see me going back to that with 2 bigger kid hungry hippos out of school.

Someone from church referred a woman to me who needs daycare for her 9 month old little girl. She called Monday and was supposed to be coming over yesterday. I stayed home for the day, got the house spotless, did some work on the flower bed, planted and watered flowers so the porch looked nice and she never called or showed. I wasn't happy to say the least. Finally around 7 pm when a light bulb went off and I finally realized she wasn't coming, I packed the kids up and we went for a walk. A short half mile walk and when we got home I was soooo feeling it from everything else I had done to get prepared for the lady to come over. This time I'll blame that I'm seriously out of shape rather than the baby. The kids had a great time though and that's really all that matters. That and the fact this lady never called! Grr!


Christine said...

Grrr is right and after all that work.

Kbreints said...

Wow! You are amazing.... wanting to take on another daycare baby.... and have all that other stuff going on?

I would have been pissed too however if I had been stood up like that! AT least your house is clean now ans you can relax today!

Kristi Ann said...

Hehehe i used to love little rabbits....till one bit me when I was 8. Now for some reason I have a fear of them?!?!!? hahahaa

The kids are adorable!!! Andgrrr to the no-show....why do people think its o.k to do that to other people...I would NEVER do that....mayeb I was just raised differently!


P.S Pat that belly for me! :)