Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Not Mom!!

What a Sad Sad Sad week! I have graduated. I should say Dom and I have both graduated. Dom has caused Damien graduate as well and I am so terribly upset. I am no longer "mommy" or "momma." to either boy. I am only Mom. I hate it. Dave is still Daddy or as Damien says, "Dadda". He knows this is killing me so he's asked them quietly (I still heard him!) to call me mommy or momma because I like that better.

Mom just shows that my kids are getting older. I don't want to be a mom. I want to be mommy or momma! For about 4 days now all Dominic and Damien have called me now though is Mom.


Kbreints said...

That is ok-- I reverted back to calling my mom - momma-- a while ago-- they will return to it eventually!

Adam's Mom said...

That's going to break my heart! I love hearing "Mommy!" Big hugs!

Dana said...

Hello! I am enjoying your blog, new to blogging world but love to see women with similar day to day happenings! I think I will always want to be "Mommy"!

Mama Kalila said...

Aww... That's a day I'm not looking forward too. I agree that kids sometimes go back to it as they get older though.

Crystal said...

:( I'm sorry. I know that must suck! I haven't really even heard Mommy yet, but I can only imagine hearing mom and feeling like that bond is gone.

Kristi Ann said...

awww.....i feel you though!

Darn it.

Ah well....can you believe school is over ALREADY!?!