Monday, June 02, 2008


Once again this weekend, I refrained from spending any money! I am dying to go shopping for this little girl. Baby Depot would be my first stop. Then a few doors down Kohls and BRU. Then after that Old Navy, Baby Gap, and Children's Place. I can't believe I've held out this long. 5 days after finding out the sex? For me, that's LONG! The frugal mommy in me is figuring right now.....with online I just haven't had a chance yet.

We did have a great weekend though at home. Daddy ended up working till about noon. He BBQ'd 3 times for us so that was nice for me. Back in the day before pest control, lol, he worked at Applebee's, Lonestar, Amarillo Grill, and Shoney's so he's an awesome meat cook. Dom's ball game was canceled due to a small storm that came through early morning. We spent most of the weekend outside like we have been and it was great. I'm still white as can be while all my kids (except Mia) are turning dark like their dad. Sunday Dave and I helped in the nursery at church and then the rest of the day was at home again. It was so nice. I told Dave yesterday if he had noticed how much we've been out already this spring/summer and he said "yeah because Mia isn't a baby!" So true. Although the kids can go out back by themselves for the most part, I like to go out there with them to keep an eye on things but last summer it wasn't easy to do much and I always had a baby monitor attached to me. Here's a few pictures of the kids this weekend.
The Pool Cleaner

Playing in Daddy's truck.

Damien on the glider

Sprinkler fun

Man if I could afford them, I'd buy all the Rainbow Reef fish.

I thought this was a cute pic of Dom and Alex.

Mia trying to ride a tricycle. She is so independent when it comes to any of the ride on's now wanting to do them by herself.


Dana said...

These pictures are priceless! Congratulation on the new baby girl who is coming..Yes, it is nice to have that sono around 20 weeks when they know for sure but man what a wait that is!! Thanks for stopping by my blog,I plan on posting more regular but it's always nice to meet and chat with other moms

utmomof5 said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Love that picture of your little pool cleaner! :) Great photos!

Mama Kalila said...

Cute pictures!

I remember how hard it was not to buy stuff... I wanted to get a few of the neutral things early on (like white onsies) but my husband refused to until we knew for sure. As much as we ended up w/ I could've kicked myself for not insisting... we didn't have one plain onsie until a few weeks ago! I love the dresses and patterns, but still..

Now I have to keep myself from looking online. At some point it passes the gas price advantage lol. Besides, my addiction right now is the diapers and we really don't need more... could use them right now w/ our hot water out, but don't need them.

Kbreints said...

OMG I love the naked butt w. the sandels shot! Too Much!

Jena9286 said...

You have a great pool cleaner! Loved the pics. I just got some more up from our weekend. One nice day and then a week of rain. Yeah!

Jen P said...

The baby buns are adorable!! I am sooo happy its summer.