Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Run To Target!

I know a few frugal couponing mommies who read on here are going to love this. Ok so #1 rule when couponing/refunding with kids is always stay on task. Don't get distracted, always keep your mind focused on the goal of getting whatever you're getting free/discounted/on sale. Have everything ready before going to the store. If possible, don't take the kids. lol

I about jumped of the couch Sunday when I noticed Target was doing a $10 giftcard if you purchased 2 Fusion Razors at $7.99 a piece. Wow. What a great deal! What's even better is that $4 coupon off the purchase of 1 in the Proctor Gamble Sunday Coupons. Especially if you have 2 of this coupon.

Here's the math:
-$4.00 off one
-$4.00 off one
$7.98 For 2 Fusion Razors AND you get the $10 gift card making a profit of $2.00 in the end!

Ok so here's where this is going. I went to Target after playgroup Monday morning with 5 kids in tow. First thing first. Grab the product. Then I got distracted. The kids wanted to look at the toys so we headed over there. I wanted some new giant bubble wands anyways so we checked out the toys, video games, clearance endcaps of course. Kids are getting anxious, it's time to go. By the time I go to pay I have 2 wanting to run to the water fountain, one trying to climb out of the basket, one playing with this noisey $1 horse out of the front dollar bins. I FORGET THE COUPONS ARE IN MY PURSE!!! OMG I was so mad at myself when I got home and realized this. It was definitely a Doh Homer Simpson moment mixed with pregnant hormones. I wanted to cry and kick myself at the same time. Ultimately I got the razors for $3 a piece when you subtract out the gift card. Now I'm going BACK today to do the same thing, with 5 kids and this time taping the coupons to my forhead. And I'm using the $10 giftcard that I got yesterday to pay for my purchase. (sigh)


Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

LOL - That's a good deal even with the goof up. But I never even look at razor coupons because I always sign up for the freebie offers and get one in the mail every so often. But I may dig through the coupons and find that one and take advantage of it... can't have too many razors, right?

utmomof5 said...

I wish I was better with using coupons. Even if I was I would get distracted and then spend $150 when I was only going for the one thing that was on sale. :)

Colleen said...

Considering the pregnancy and the 5 kids in tow: 1. you are still figuring correct math 2. you are still brave enough to take everyone to Target 3. You made it there WITH your pants on and did not leave the keys in the ignition. I might not have been so lucky :) Way to go :)

Jen P said...

I coupon but can only hit deals once a week because I will buy out Target on other stuff I DONT need LOL!

great deal! I might have to check that one out!!

Kbreints said...

amazing. my brain would never have put two and two together!

Sabrina said...

Well I did go back and get 2 more. Used the $10 gift card, and received another. :) I'm sending out a mass email to local family asking for more $4 coupons before the sale ends Saturday.

I hope you all are able to score on this! I have 3 dad's so they'll each be getting free razors for Father's Day! The coupon was in the Blue Proctor Gamble insert but you'll need 2 coupons to get them free. (after getting the giftcard back)