Friday, June 06, 2008

Daycare For 5 years, A Momma For 8!

Where a clean house, backyard or driveway are hard to come by.Our tornados drama was short lived. The band of storms going from Oklahoma all the way to Nebraska was traveling 60 mph. 4 officially touched down but none close enough to take cover. The night about a week ago when I said we slept through the sirens was about 15 minutes away from us.

All day I debated on letting the little ones out to burn energy. Finally decided we should take advantage of the wind with bubbles! Those awesome bubble wands I bought from Target? Oh with 60 mph winds we were whippin out hundreds of bubbles at a time and they were traveling down the street even! It was so much fun! I had them all lift their wands on the count of 3 which was how we were making so many bubbles at once. The wind just blew them straight off the wands.

Today is Alex's 8th birthday! Thanks Angela for remembering! Crazy to think I've been a momma now for 8 years. I was so out of it on June 6th, 2000. Alex was born at 1 am. I was induced at 4 pm June 5th. I went to my OB appt and they said go to the hospital and we'll "try" something. She didn't expect Cervidil to do much obviously. However my water broke at 4:30 pm with severe contractions. I started throwing up like crazy, peed the bed over and over!!! I called home around 5 asking Dave if he got my note about the hospital and he said he hadn't even looked at the table. He was getting ready to go out with the boys!!! I told him nicely (hee hee!) "GET YOUR ASS UP HERE!!" I felt like I was going to rip apart. I held out to 6 cm and finally got an epidural and that was heavenly!

Pushed for about 30 minutes around 12:30 am when they gave me news while completely out of it that a c-section had to be done NOW no if ands or butts due to a steady heartbeat of 70bpm, something was wrong. I kinda wish I hadn't been so strict with my birth plan letting them try forceps or a vac. I hate that I may be limited on births now due to multiple C-sections. They wisked me off to the OR with my family yelling this and that to me on the sides of the gurney. One thing I'll never forget with all the chaos is in the OR, Dave crying and some guy in the room in scrubs trying to get him to get a grip with his arms on Dave's shoulders. Dave was shaking his head crying saying "I can't do this, I can't do this, I have to go." The man agreed with him and I saw him walk out. I was crying out to him to stay but then I went to sleep. I was all alone during my first surgery. When I came to after surgery there was all sorts of people standing around me and I was gasping for air whispering "I can't breathe!" I felt like I couldn't breathe, dying there in front of them, but Dave being a smart ass said "if you can talk, you can breathe." The anaesthesiologist agreed with him. At that point I had no idea I had even HAD Alex I was so drugged up. A nurse comes in with this baby and says are you breast or bottle feeding? I said, "breast." She opens the side of the gown, grabs my nipple and starts trying to latch this baby to me. I looked at Dave and said, "is this our kid?!!?" He said "uh yeah that's her." Well I was freaked out because she was not how I envisioned our baby to look. She had so much hair, definitely needing a hair cut at birth and she had this red mark under her nose. I told Dave she looked like a monkey and asked over and over if he was SURE this was our kid. She was so tiny, right at 6 lbs since I had her early due to pre eclampsia. They didn't want to take any further chances since I'd already been hospitalized twice, put on bedrest due to high blood pressure, and gained over 10 lbs in one week. People called and visited the hospital all day on June 6th and I don't remember a thing of it!

It's hard to imagine Alex as a baby or litte one. I have to watch home videos of her to even remember her little now. Thank God we recorded it all. She was not planned. I missed 5-6 days worth of pills I will just guess because I was out clubbing nightly and always coming home hammered. Who remembers to take pills before bed when they are pooped from partying? lol Dave was not happy to be a dad yet at 22. I really don't know how to explain it but he was negative throughout the whole pregnancy to me but towards the very end he actually would tell people happily we were expecting our first. After she came you couldn't get her out of his hands. She still hangs on him all the time, has HIM put her to bed, goes to him when something is wrong. I don't really mind but sometimes it makes me sad. She is definitely Daddy's little girl.


Jena9286 said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! My Katie turned 8 last Sunday the 1st! Happy Day!

Mama Kalila said...

I had trouble getting past seeing the storm comment at the beginning (i don't do them, completely left your page and came back today to see if a new post) Glad I finally did though. Hope your daughter had a happy bday. That was a sweet idea putting her birth story on here for it.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing Alex's birth story. I hope Alex enjoyed her birthday as much as Makayla enjoyed hers.