Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Of Those Long All Over The Place Posts.

So far summer has been stressful, crazy, and fun. I won't lie, there was a day again last week Dave walked in the door and I completely fell apart. I know my own flaws though. It's not the kids although they keep me frazzled, it's the fact that I just feel like I can't get anything done and I NEED it done. I am so obsessive of that. I feel like a failure constantly and geez there's just not enough hours in a day even with me up at 6 and down at 11. I could work and work on my house inside/outside all day but there's 20 more things I just didn't get to. There's hobbies I want to do, projects I want to do with the kids and I just can't get to it all. By 5 o'clock the kids are just unruly wanting dinner, screaming at the gate since they can't come in the kitchen, it's at dinner time where I just go off the deep end. It's going to be a long summer is all I'm sayin. :)

We had Alex's friend birthday party on Saturday at the YMCA pool. The kids had a blast. I do friend parties in the morning from 10-12 so it's done, out of the way and we have the rest of the day to ourselves. So far I have never had a parent tell me they hate my morning parties. lol She had about 14 girls come this year for the fun.
Dominic (in the green tube) was the only boy which was hilarious since he's a flirt. He had a grand ol time though and I'm thinking I'll just do his friend party there in February as well.
They let us use the afterschool room for gifts and cupcakes. I must say her friends know her quite well because they gave her mainly all crafts. Oh but the best to her was the black Poodle Webkinz. (sigh) We took her out on her birthday to pick out her own present. She got a double Hannah Montana disc and a Littlest Pet Shop Panda which is similar to a webkinz.
I'm not sure if anyone had noticed by pictures that I had been letting Damien's hair grow out. I think the last hair cut we gave him was before Christmas. Dave had been wanting to buzz him for awhile but I loved his new long hair. He had this surfer boy thing going on and I was wanting to hang on to it.
Finally though, I decided to go ahead and let Dave shave him off. We knew he'd probably do fine since he had in the past but Dominic went first to let him watch and see how easy it was to let Daddy cut his hair. Then Damien hopped up there on the sink holding a mirror as daddy shaved it all off.

I fed him M & M's as I always do to keep him busy. By the time Dave was done the sink was full of hair and it was done. I think it looks great either way but it was nice to see what it would look like all grown out. The weather has been just awesome lately. July we'll all be dying in Kansas of the 100 degree weather but right now it's been 70-80 degrees so we've been taking full advantage of it. Usually by 9-10 am I get the kids out to start burning off energy and we stay out till lunch time. They play on all the equipment, play ball but their favorite part is when I let Toby and Oreo out for play time. Then after lunch I put them out again around 1 when I put Mia down for her nap. I'll let them play in the pool, sprinklers ride bikes, swing. Anything to keep them moving. lolThey stay out for about a hour and come back in usually crashing while watching TV. AHHHH.... The things we do for sanity. :) With all this extra summer time together, Alex and I have been trying to do little crafts. Somedays I feel so bad because I tell her "later" about 15 times. It's always at the worst time when she wants to do something. I'm sure others can relate! Makes me feel like a horrible mom but I can't just drop what I'm doing to do a project. Today we made a whole slew of cards. Mine are the 4 tall ones. She got alittle sticker happy with her's. lolI decided a few weeks ago to change around our little office area so it accommodates the kids and they can do crafts and other projects downstairs. I have so much to do before I can call it finished but I've made some major headway on it. I've put all the puzzles and games in one spot. All the schooling books and other things related to school in an area. Our craft area is a bit still unorganized but it's all in one spot. Eventually I want to get all the books in a bookshelf instead of a hundred here and there in everyone's rooms the way it is now. I have wanted to do this for awhile so it would be easier to find things. I get so annoyed traveling around looking for a game, book, etc. Remember Dave's computer hobby? Well the bar is loaded with monitors and junk for him to get rid of so we can use it for crafts, puzzles, my coupons, etc. Here's a few pics of it so far. Now to organize it better. lol Then last week I took 3 afternoons and alphabetized all of our CD's. They had been packed up since last year when we swore we were going to move. Maybe I'm nesting, Dave thinks I've lost my mind. Made me feel so much better to have it done though.


Angela said...

You've made some major headway on your craft room. It looks great. Alex's party looked like lots of fun. I'm having Makayla's friend party on June 21st since we had the wedding last weekend. I'm also having a morning party because I just want to have the rest of the day for us. Damien's hair looks great either short or a bit longish.

Jen P said...

Love the morning party. Your craft area looks much like mine. I wish I had a whole room to lay my stuff out. Mia is adorable!

do you have a name for your new little girl?

Kristi Ann said...

WHew...I am exhausted just reading your posts! You are my hero! LOL!!

How are you and the baby doing?

I need to shoot yu an email, I have missed chatting with you!


P.S I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white pics!!! They are AWESOME! (especially the one of mia!)