Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life In Kansas Every Year Before The 4th

The last week has been nothing but Harvest out here. If we lived in town, it might be a bit different but we're out here with tons of fields among us. I was dodging around grain trucks last night slowly creeping their way to the long line at the Co-Op waiting to be weighed. Grain Truck #2
This one of the like 5 combines I passed in a field when picking up Alex from practice.
Notice someone lost some wheat on the road. Whoops! This is Main St of the tiny town my kids go to school at. Main is about 5 blocks? I think. lol!! We live between the 2 towns so the gas dilemma has been fun you can imagine. If you click this picture, you will see gas there at Cenex is $3.80 a gallon. We still haven't went over $3.80 since this whole crazy gas war started. Anyone else as lucky?
Crappy sun wouldn't let me take a pic of the Co-Op.
And things you may not imagine seeing in the prairie fields. This is a rescue organization off the highway that houses tons of zebras, camels, kangaroos, Emu's and Ostrich, and llama. This ostrich was chasing another which missed the picture. Heck it could have been a mating dance the way it looked. lol!


Mama Kalila said...

A couple months ago we drove to go see some inlaws.. I looked over to the side of the road & saw zebra! I was so excited lol.. Made me think of Afrika... Apparently there's a miniture zoo type thing out that way though. Is pretty much my only reason for looking fwd to that trip in the future.

kbreints said...

I cannot believe that Iowa is so far behind Kansas! Our crop is jsut begining to grow~ WE got a LATE start this year!

jude said...

I love the wild life. Who ever said you had to go to africa to see the zebra's?? :)