Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well things the past 2 days without my sister's kids has been much easier. I felt awful yesterday because I guess M the 8 yr old cried and cried when being dropped of at the YMCA but by the end of the day she was ready to come back the next day.
So far this pregnancy has been going rather well. I believe I discovered recently that the reason I haven't felt a bunch of kicks is because I guess she hasn't flipped. The past week though she's started kicking like crazy just really low. I feel nothing above the general pelvic area. I feel like I'm starting to slow down some especially on the basement stairs. I take those about 10-12 times a day so I'm feeling winded quite often. Other than that and this ugly purple mess on my leg that feels like a horrible bruise, I'm doing well. I am going to make my physical soon with my GP to see what he thinks of it as it seems to be going into my foot now. I've had it since my pregnancy with Damien and don't know what you even call it besides varicose veins. It is but it's different as it's all ran together causing a purple mess. My left foot has some small veins but nothing like my right. It does go away some when I'm not pregnant, but it's still completely noticeable.Which brings me to say I'm starting to get abit freaked out about this next C-section. Sheri seemed to make it far too real by posting a lovely story on her blog about pulmonary embolism and a man who lost his wife earlier this year due to it after her C-section. (thanks Sheri! ;) After what happened after Mia's birth, I know far too well that anything can happen after birth. I had Mia on January 9th (a tuesday) and by that Sunday the 14th I was back in the ER uncontrollably throwing up this awful brown stuff known as bile and unable to move I was in so much pain. Honestly we both thought I was going to die then just by how the hospital staff was talking to us. We'd never even heard of pancreatitis, never knew how dangerous it was, didn't know if you tried holding out at home you could die. So it's a good thing that finally after I couldn't breathe that morning, we went to the hospital. lol I don't worry about dying, I worry about leaving Dave to take care of 5 kids on his own and how my kids would handle me dying. I'm sure I'll be posting my farewells the week before surgery like normal. lol

I am still having Alex take charge around the kitchen more in preparation for the fair. She helped put together this banana split pudding (as I call it) the other day. Pretty soon we'll be getting into bigger recipes but for now she's doing alot of easy measurement type things (AKA from a box)

Harvest has started in our parts so everyone's allergies are kicking up. Alex was at my bed at midnight needing something for her cough and nose. Poor kids. There will be no opening up the windows in the morning anymore. Leaving early living in the country at this time is always important due to combines and grain trucks hogging the roads. When outside the humming of combines and farm equipment can be heard for miles. Every time it gets to this time of year, I always reminisce playing in the grain trucks as a kid with my cousin Aimee as our dads and our other uncles combed through acres of wheat.


Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Oh my goodness I am so sorry! xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

Pipsylou said...

Does it help that pulmonary embolism happens only 1 in 250,000 c-sections? I JUST wrote about c-sections today, so it was strange to come over here and read about it too.

congratulations on another girl!

Sabrina said...

No Sheri- I ALWAYS freak out towards the end. It's not your fault...really. LOL! I know I will probably be fine but after googling now for 2 days since reading that and making sure Dave knows all the symptoms and signs, I feel a bit more prepared. LMAO I always having death on my mind before my C's so this is nothing new just something I didn't know about! I did make an appt with my GP though so I can ask about it and how bad my veins are on my right leg to see if he thinks this will be an issue. Can we say PARANOID?

Rachel- Thanks! I hate statistics and honesty they never make me feel better. My Downs screening was 1:900. That freaked me out abit but I would love any baby unconditionally, it just seems like such a LOW number!

Julie said...

Man, all that good food is making me so hungry.

So sorry about your legs. When is your C-section date?