Thursday, June 19, 2008

Problem Solved

Well, my mom hinted to my sister about finding someone else so on Monday they start at a center. I told her M could stay here but gas is just too much to do that. I feel really bad but this is for the best since I'm her aunt. I don't want to hate the kid. lol My sister is a bit freaked on paying $800 a month for daycare but she understands how difficult K can be.

Yesterday I took them all to our Kroger store and to Orschlens. We did fine till we got to Orschlens and she broke a bottle of horse spray (in a matter of seconds) known as Shiney Hiney. LOL I was so mad and was going to just pay for it ($10) but I know a lady who works there so she said they would just comp it. But still. I have never had my kids break anything in a store so I was embarrassed.

In other news, Alex is really learning her way in the kitchen, trying to get ready for what projects she'll enter into the 4 H County Fair. I have a feeling when it arrives, I'll be 30lbs heavier. Here's our cookies for today.


utmomof5 said...

Oh my those cookies look divine!!!

kbreints said...

Cookies seem to be the theme lately! I never bake (or have time to) ans I was a baking fool last night! Those look yummy!

Angela said...

Those cookies look yummy!!

Jen P said...

YUM!! The cookies look delish!! Glad your problem is solved!