Monday, June 16, 2008

Sanity Is Out The Window!

I have no idea how much more I can handle watching my sister's two kids. I chatted with another daycare provider friend the other day about it. We both agreed, kids UNDER 5 are much easier to manage. I feel like I'm constantly screaming which is just not something I normally do with my kids except when Dominic whines. These 4 (my kids and nieces ages 5 and 8) are at each others throats when they are supposedly playing with each other. I will take any suggestions on how to fix this. LOL! They are constantly in need of something different to do every 10 minutes. I just try to keep thinking when school starts It'll just be me and Mia. Won't that be nice! Well atleast for 2 months until the baby comes, then I'll be busy again!

Dom had his first ball game this season on Saturday. He is doing so much better than last year. The other day he told me, "mom, I'm going to play ball and soccer and football and karate and basketball!" I said, "are you going to be my little sports nut?" He said proudly, "YEP!" It's great because I've always been told that sports are one of the best things for ADHD.
Here he is catching and then after he hit a ball.
In the Outfield
On the bench


Jennifer said...

Cute Baseball pictures! Good luck over the summer. I hope you find the time flying by!

Jennifer said...

Oops I forgot to say I tagged you on my blog!

Jena9286 said...

Sabrina - I have an 8 and 9 yr old and they drive me nuts! I hate summer because they fight and bicker and she did that and she said what! Ugh batty I say! Anyway, I think it's just the age. Have in there. I am yelling all the time too.

utmomof5 said...

I wish I had some great advicce for you, all I can say is keep them busy (that is hard to do when you do not want to play too) Good luck!

Cute baseball pictures -- he is so cute!