Sunday, July 27, 2008

County Fair 2008

These are some pics of the County Fair I had been really stressing over. I am soooo glad that's over. All in all, hauling my self and the kids up there by 8-9 am daily went well. We did it M-Th, it ended Th after I took the kids up there for a free BBQ for 4 H'ers and their immediate family. Yeah, doing a BBQ with a double stroller is quite the challenge. Good thing Alex and Dominic have 2 hands each to help carry plates and help out. I told Dave next year he's taking the week off to help out. I'm just glad the baby inside cooperated and allowed me to be able to do all of it, even in 100 degree heat. Alex did really well on all her projects for her first year! This whole experience has made her confidence and self esteem go through the roof. lol She's already picking out projects for next year. Poor Dominic really wants her trophy saying it's TOBY'S trophy, not hers.

Here she is waiting to model her Buymanship outfit.
Modeling her outfit.Answering the judge's questions about one of her outfits. This was taken before we left Toby on his first day at the fair.
This is Alex doing her Showmanship back to the judges. This was one of the most difficult things for her since rabbits scratch she had a hard time flipping him and being in control of him. She got a Champion ribbon and trophy for Showmanship for ages 7-9 though! They were impressed with her eye contact and trying her best.This was Alex's food entires. She entered Peanut Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, Strawberry Walnut bread, and Lemon Spice Muffins.She won blue ribbons on all and a purple on the Strawberry Walnut bread. The Food's judge is trying her foods in this picture and asking her questions about what she made. Here she is with Toby and the ribbons she received with him.
Ribbons! She's a very happy little girl. And the trophy was for Showing Toby (the rabbit)
Modeling her outfit at the BBQ Wed night. Dave was there to help with this cookout thankfully. Don't ask why she had to stick out her tongue when I took her picture!
After the BBQ they had tons of blow ups for the kids to play in. Here's Alex and Damien going down the slide.
Damien playing some football. Couldn't keep him away from this!


kbreints said...

Wow! Looks like they had fun and she did GREAT!

My blessings the Lord has has intrusted to me said...

How fun,I can't wait for my Ally to start 3rd grade to do 4H.

Angela said...

Congrats to Alex on all her hard work. I'm glad she enjoyed it.