Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing Spiritual Truths to Babies

This week Alex and Dominic are having VBS at a nearby UMC. Although this isn't our church I went ahead and enrolled them since I knew only kids from their school district living in the small town (less than 1000) would be attending. They are having a blast with all their classmates. Our church unfortunately even though it's in the same school district, only about 4-5 kids they know go there. They love church so every morning they are eager to get in the car and go! Damien was also asked to stay but with his lack of speech, plus not knowing much about the Bible, Jesus and what things mean I figured probably not.

Which leads me to this. I recently found an article in Parentlife magazine about introducing spiritual truths to babies. I try to do this myself more with Alex and Dominic when reading books or when we are in the store or at the park. I have had strange looks before as I've answered Dominic point blank in public about God. I just think the worst thing to do would be to leave their questions unanswered. Seeing this list, however and other things they came up with, made think that there is so much more I could be instilling in Damien and Mia's little noggins to help them grow spiritually. Whether cuddling, reading, singing, or playing there is always something to easily identify to them about God.

This is the example list they had listed.

*God is good!
*God made me.
*God loves me.

*Jesus was born.
*Jesus love me.
*Jesus grew and had a family.

*The Bible is a special book.
*The Bible tells about God and Jesus.

*God made people.
*God made the plants and animals.
*God made food.

*God made my family.
*My family loves me.
*God loves my family.

*God made me.
*I am special.
*I can make choices.

*People at church love and teach me.
*People at church talk and sing about Jesus.

Community and World
*God made people.
* I can help people.
*People tell about God and Jesus.


Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing that list!

My blessings the Lord has given me said...

How cute, great list.

Mama Kalila said...

That's great. Reminds me of this morning.. We had to go to Church early (Jas was directing the choir) and to keep Kalila from singing along while he practiced I took her into the lobby and saw her looking at some statues. I pointed out the one representing Jesus, and then his mama & baba & she got so excited. Even little they can start learning...