Friday, July 11, 2008

The Schedule Of An Avid 4H'er

Before enrolling Alex in 4H last year, I asked my fellow mommy friends on the Large Family Babycenter board if anyone could give me any advice about how 4H worked and if the kids would benefit from it. I was told it was a great program and they would learn so many different things for later in life so I was sold. We have just enough land that we can do a small amount of livestock as projects but back then I thought all it was just agricultural projects and you showed veggies and livestock at the fair. I was way wrong as there are a huge variety of things to do, without living on a farm. This year Alex chose Rabbits, Buymanship, and Cooking as her projects and now we are in high gear preparing for the County Fair so she can "show" what she has learned. This past week, every day was dedicated to 4H. Sunday she did some novice practice modeling with the girls, cooking school Monday where she baked for the market and learned about judging foods, Tuesday she met with her 4H Rabbit club and worked on the correct way to show Toby to the judges, Wednesday she worked at the Farmer's Market, and we went on a shopping trip with 2 other moms in buymanship for accessories for their modeling. It's been a bit overwhelming for me but I am SURE next year will be better and I won't be as stressed since we will have more of an idea of what is going on.

Here's a few pictures of this week.

Working their bake sale at the Farmer's Market, this is all stuff they made at cooking school.
Some cookies and muffins we made at home to help make sure there was enough for the bake sale.
Trio of Buymanship girls after having the gals at Dillards put some light make up on them.


Nicole said...

"I pledge my head to clearer thinking..." It's been almost 30 years (give or take) since I was in 4-H and I still remember the motto. It was, indeed, a great learning experience. Hope you enjoyed yourself despite the chaos!

Kristi Ann said...

Alex is GORGEOUS!!!! :P Boy are YOU in trouble when she gets older!

Hey...if you ever find yourself in the carolina's.....holler at us...we would LOVE to have your family visit!