Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wait and See

I had a lovely surprise showing up at my OB office today. Apparently they scheduled me for a GD test without my knowledge. Hopefully the small glass of milk and Bagelful I ate 2 hours before didn't throw off the test. Since I had no clue, I brought all 4 kids. Nice! I asked if I could hurry and drink so we wouldn't have to be there more than a hour for all of our sanity (staff included) They complied, I drank, did a urine sample, talked with the Dr and listened to the heartbeat. Then we went on a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood until it was time to do the bloodwork. Oh and they scheduled my surgery for 10-14. Ugh! I'll be 39 wks 5 days which will be the longest I've gone with any kiddo. I hope I don't last that long since Mia and Damien were both enormous. I so wanted the 7th because I want to be all healed in time to walk a few miles on Halloween. 2 weeks I'll be ok but still a bit sore I'm sure. She didn't try talking me out of our decision to not do a tubal and now I'm going every 2 weeks. Seems awfully early to be going every 2 weeks since I still have 13.5 weeks to go. I told her about the faint/dizzy spells yesterday and she didn't seem concerned but we'll see what this bloodwork and pee test show in a few days.


Kristi Ann said...

Hey girl!! Wow...they (the dr.'s office) sure sprung that on you, and with 4 kids in tow!!

But it sounds like they (the kids) behaved and didnt send mommy into early labor! LOL *pats them on the head* hehehe

Pat that belly for me and give those ruggies a hug! You take care and GET SOME REST!

kbreints said...

I remember getting to the two week appointment soon too-- time will fly fast now!

Mama Kalila said...

Wow I didn't realize you were that far along already. I've been bad about getting online lately (comp issues). Hope everything goes well w/ the test