Friday, July 11, 2008


We have 2 free sprinkler parks in town and I took Mia for the first time to play the other day. She loved it! I was shocked. She kept running through the tunnels, under the spraying daisies, and infront of the fire hoses just laughing a way! Damien, still not enjoying it so much (how he was last summer too)
This little puddle drains to a waterfall and then into the creek in the above picture.
Walking around hoping to get sprayed by the flowers.
Playing in the water
Damien stayed completely dry as usual.
Chatting with her friend Belle from our church Playgroup.

All wet.


kbreints said...

oh she is such a cutie pie!

Crystal said...

OMG! She is soooo big now! Wow. Looks like you all had a great time.

Kristi Ann said...

Wow....I cant get over how big Mia is getting. And she is SOOO cute!!!!
I WISH we had one of those around here...I KNOW my kds would get a KICK out of it!

How are YOU doing??