Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OMG! We Made It Through!!

I have been a nervous wreck the past week up until today for this 4-H Fashion Review that Alex was doing for Buymanship. First, I have NO CLUE what the world I'm doing since this is our first year. Second, I am not competitive at all and modeling is not my thing. Third, holy cow the stress of all of this!!!!!!! One thing I love about all the activities the kids are involved in is meeting other moms. One mom who's daughter is in a different school district but our girls attend the county rabbit meetings together, told me next year will be much easier and less stressful. Looking at the other moms with older daughters combing their hair, fixing their make up, rehearsing answers they needed to know if a judge asked, and in general seeing how completely frazzled they were along with myself... I'm thinking it's not going to be any less stressful or easier. This is always going to be much more stress for the parents than for the kids. The kids competing were all happy and having a ball! I'm sure next week I will be just as exhausted with the showing of her rabbit and her 4 food entries.

A majority of the work to prepare for the show was done over the weekend. We went shopping not only for Alex but for the boys as well for back to school deals. Sunday we had another meeting with her Buymanship leader on how to model and we started doing the mountain of paperwork we had to submit to the judges. We went to Claires after the meeting and bought a bunch of cheap accessories and used some stuff she already owned like the purses. These 2 pictures are the outfits she chose and the pictures we submitted. Outfit #1
Outfit #2

We arrived early (we were told to) at 9:15. She was supposed to be judged on her first outfit at 10 am. It was more like 10:30!!! If I would have known we'd be there for 3 hours, I would NOT have taken Mia and Damien in the double stroller. My grandmother was able to help until 10:50 keeping them entertained until she took Dominic to swimming lessons for me. Alex obviously missed hers!! She modeled her 2nd outfit at 11 when lessons started. (sigh) By this time Damien and Mia were getting a bit cranky and I can't take them into the judging area because as a courtesy they needed it quiet. Thankfully I got a bunch of video and pictures BEFORE grandma left. They called back all the girls to look at them all again and then picked what they thought was the top 2. Alex told me she froze up on one question which was "Where did you buy your outfit?" So I knew she might not get chosen as a top 2. It was the 2nd outfit, it came from Walmart on their clearance rack and I paid $8 total ($3 shirt, $5 capris). The sandals were more than the outfit and they were $10 from Kmart. We finally left at 12:15 and went to McDonalds for a well deserved meal since Mia and Damien whined a bunch but there was really no tears. Anyways here are some pictures of today.
Alex and her 2 friends waiting to be judged.
Picture of some of the competition

Alex waiting at the doorway to model her 2nd outfit. She's holding her paperwork she hands to the judge when she first gets up there.

Answering the judges questions. Hard picture to even get because of all the red backound they had set up.

Modeling Outfit #2 for the judge


Cindy said...

wow I didn't know that 4H did clothes modeling as well. That is interesting. Loved the outfits though :-)

Lucia's Mom said...

Alex looks so cute, and so grown up! She must have had so much fun doing it, getting all dressed up.