Friday, August 15, 2008

First Day of School (for Alex)

Here's Alex on the 14th, her first day of school. I was wrong and school doesn't start for Dominic until the 19th! Poor kid was pretty upset finding that one out. Damien starts on the 18th so you can imagine the meltdown bound to happen on Monday when he's stuck at home with Mia and I and they are at school. Since he's a Kindergartner they have the girls go first and then the boys, then both together. On the 14th however he did go in to meet his teacher and do a Kinder assessment test. He shocked me (and his teacher) by knowing all his shapes, colors letters, and counting up to 15. He even saw the teacher was writing his name so he quickly blurted out how to spell it as she was writing. His attention was not there though and he kept getting up and walking off from the table, jumping around or rolling on the floor. It kind of worries me but they know he has ADHD/ODD and SID, they have a para sitting in with him a half day and hopefully that is all we need. I still have no plans to medicate him unless he starts getting violent or he's just not learning. He has been doing a pretty good job lately of controlling his anger.

Alex had a great couple days this week at school. She was so ready to go back. Her bus comes right around 6:55-7 am. This is even earlier than last year so we're really making sure we're both up around 6:15 to get her ready without rushing and out the door by 7. I got up both mornings and went straight to the kitchen starting breakfast and then would get her out of bed. She had waffles the first morning, cinnamon rolls today. After I give her breakfast I'm jumping in the shower. It will be interesting waking 3 up and getting them all ready for the school bus next week. Alex is pretty easy but the boys will need a lot more help.


Julie said...

Back to school already!!! That's weird that she would start on a Thursday! Well, I hope it's a great school year for all your school-age kiddos.



Jena9286 said...

I can't wait! Only 10 more days left for me!