Monday, August 18, 2008

Damien's First Day of School!

Ok so this one was HARD! I was shaking when I came back in the house. It just doesn't seem right sending him 5 days a week at barely 3 to preschool but I know for his speech it has to be done. I worry since he doesn't talk much yet he'll have a hard time communicating if anything is wrong besides pointing and saying yes and no.

I need to hurry and buy bunk beds and put the boys together because this morning I had to sneak in and get him out of bed hoping not to wake up Mia at 7 am. I woke her though getting his clothes. I'd prefer her to sleep a bit longer than 7. lol He excitedly ate his breakfast then ran for his bag. I tried to get him to potty on the toilet before going but he wasn't going for it. I sent Dominic to preschool for about 6 months before he was potty trained but I was really hoping Damien would train alittle sooner. Hopefully the peer pressure at school will make him give in. His bus came promptly at 8 am as promised and off he went. He should be home around noon.
Putting on his bag. Loves doing it all by himself. Mia loves how it has Spongebob on it.
Waiting outside for his driver to come.
As soon as she pulled up he started walking straight for it. Didn't want to hold my hand or anything. :( Bailey our dog is always a friendly bus greeter.

This picture shows how happy he was getting on that bus and heading off to school!


Jennifer said...

He looks so happy!!

kbreints said...

oh my goodness what a big boy! He looks so very happy!

Tracy said...

He really does look so happy. Matty would love to go to school too, but I keep telling him he needs to use the potty like a big boy first. He still refuses at nearly 3 years and four months!

Angela said...

I hope Damien enjoyed his first day at school. He looked like he was very happy to be going.

Lorie said...

ahhh Sabrina...he looks SO cute sitting there on the bus!