Monday, August 18, 2008

I Have Proof!

I found him this morning in the back yard again but on top of a rabbit cage this time sniffing the back of the other cage. (probably because Oreo pees in that corner) I like this picture because you can tell how big he is with the hampster water bottle there. He appeared bigger the other day but he looks to be about 6 inches long with his body and then probably another 2 inches or so with his tail. So because I got a shot and better look at him this time, he is not a Roof Rat like I thought he was like the picture the other day. He's a White Throated Pack Rat. This bottom picture is off Google and that is exactly what his face looks like. You can kinda tell by the ears and belly in my picture that they are the same thing. He seems really nice, obviously hasn't found Dave's bait yet. lol I'm calling him Renegade the Rat.


kbreints said...

oh he is kinda cute actually... to big to really scream about-- unless it was in the house.... But How many are there really?? makes you wonder?!

momto6 said...

Holy Cow I thought that was a rabbit!!! Lets hope he IS the only one!!