Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One More~ Dominic's First Day of School

Finally! Dominic got to go back today. He was so happy. It's been an interesting morning with only Mia and Kayla here. AKA: QUIET! Kayla goes back to school on Thursday and then it will be just Mia and I. Yikes!

Thumbs up, hope that means he's going to have a great day!

Man those stairs are so hard for them to climb when still little. Damien has tried crawling the past 2 days but this morning I showed him the railing.


kbreints said...

Wow-- what ARE you going to do with so much quiet??

Sabrina said...

I know I know! lol I've already thought about this.

1) Get things ready for baby
2) Couponing/Shopping (WITH 1 KIDDO!)
3) Better meal planning
4) Shopping online for deals