Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

My husband thinks I'm an absolute goober because I am just so excited on how well our first pumpkin patch has turned out. The garden itself is doing awesome but I never expected so much joy from a pumpkin patch. lol All the kids around here, my neices, etc. all run back and see how many they can find growing. So far I think there's 7 possibly more it's just hard to tell because you have to search under leaves to find them when they are tiny. I'm not sure how many we'll end up with this year but we've already decided we're doing it again next but bigger and giving them away to family and friends.
Part of the patch~ It's probably about 40-50 feet long now.
It's a baby!

This one is actually all orange on the bottom part and the biggest of all. It's about the size of a volleyball.This one is about the size of a mini basketball. There's 4 others about this size.

I go out every afternoon and pick peppers and tomatoes. I'm glad we got decent rain this summer because everything is growing nicely!


Jen P said...

The BIG Pumkpin Patch near out house is getting things set up for their hay rides, games etc. I AM sure I am MORE excited than most kids!

I love your patch!!!

kbreints said...

so that is what you will do... blog! lol

I LOVE the idea of gardening... it is the act that is challenging to me.

I had VERY Good intentions this year of starting a garden. NEVER Happened. Maybe next year?

Tracy said...

I guess I will have to actually make a garden next year instead of just pots on my deck. I have tomatoes and squash plants growing well, but only a few flowers on them. I thought for sure I would have a fridge full of produce and be out of recipes to try. Your's looks awesome.

Mama Kalila said...

MMMM... I can't wait until I have a place where I can garden. So itching to do it.

Btw, you've been invited to a dinner party at my blog!

Jennifer said...

Wow!! Those look great :)