Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Need, I Need, I Need

We are coming to a close here before Gabriella arrives. 7wks 6 days to be exact. Last night the kids finished dinner before us so we let them head off into the living room to play and Daddy and I sat at the table alone, which is always nice. We started talking about things I want or need to do before she comes, what is going to happen after she comes, and OMG I can't believe we are doing this again.

Before she comes... I need to clean the barn, I need the electricity restored in the barn before winter, I need to get bunk beds for the boys and Damien moved, I need to do a ton of fall yard work (bulb planting), I need to clean closets, I need a new fridge and put the existing in the garage, I need to have a yard sale, and oh yeah! I need to get things ready for this baby!!! lol

After she comes, we need to get a contractor here for a price on a separate new garage. After that and moving everything out of the existing, we need to add on to the house because we need a second bath! By January my plan is to start doing full time daycare again, however Dave threw me for a loop last night by suggesting maybe we should think again about doing Foster Care. All I could do was laugh. I'm not sure what age he's thinking but for us a infant/toddler would be best in this house. Anyways we need to wait till after my surgery to even go deeper into that.

I'm not sure why he's suggesting this all the sudden. One conclusion is, we were completely caught off guard Saturday by my OBGYN office when they sent out a patient letter to their clients saying as all of their current patients have their babies, they will be phasing out the OB part of their practice and only doing GYN services. The last patients delivering should be April 2009 I figure. Anyways the excuses for it really pissed me off and don't make sense. I'm sure it's malpractice insurance related. I didn't say anything about it Monday at my appointment to my Dr but I'm really upset about it. So upset that I cried reading it and then Dave took me to the bedroom so I could cry some more. It's not going to be an easy task finding a Dr to take on someone wanting a 6th C-section and I really only trust the 2 women Dr's I have doing my surgeries. That leaves 3 other OB's in town and I don't believe they would take me as a patient. So not only was I grieving that I was losing my OB, I was grieving that this was probably our last. I haven't been real upset thinking it before now because we've both pretty much figured if it happened again it would be God's will. Now I feel like if we want to do another surgery, I'm going to have to prepare before getting pregnant. So anyways I wonder if he's thinking Fostering would bring some sort of happiness because we've always talked about doing it.

School has been great for the kids so far. They really haven't told me much but are so excited in the morning for their buses to come. I'm glad they're having a great time because I NEEDED this break. lol


kbreints said...

Wow. You are amazing. Thinking about a 6th when the 5th is not even here! You are amazing (in a good way of course!)

Jennifer said...

I went through all the necessary foster care courses but in BC you can only have a certain number of kids under 2 in your house and I was way over whatever the number was! Good luck :)

Sabrina said...

Katie- There's no good term. Just a hormonal nut job not ready to throw in the fertility towel yet. lol

Jennifer- I told Dave that a social worker would probably see we have 5 kids in 2000 sq feet/1 bath and say we're too cramped for another. I know doing daycare I can have 3 under 18 mths so who knows on the State's Foster laws.

Jena9286 said...

That's alot to do before the baby comes. You have 55 days. Yikes! :)
I was sad that my OB doesn't do annuals anymore and I had to find someone to do that. I am a one doctor kind of gal. I finally had to find a primary since we are done and I can't use my OB any more. :( Good luck! As with all things, the way to do it will come to you.

Rebecca said...

Sabrina! I am about 5 days ahead of you in my pregnancy, I only have 1 child and am completely exhausted. Good luck meeting your goals...I have no doubt you will!