Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please Pray For Our Horse Echo

We went out today to do our after school chore of taking care of all the animals and found that Echo's back leg was covered in blood. When I looked up we saw that her hip bone appears to be visible and her skin is tore back from the wound. She's limping so I know she's hurting. I am freaking out. Anyone who's dealt with horses knows that they get hurt easily but sometimes wounds just aren't fixable. I'm waiting for the vet to arrive and assess the damage. This happened last year on the 4th of July with Oscar. Please be thinking of her. I know where the $200 I just made on daycare is going now. (sigh)


Jennifer said...

Poor horsey!! I hope everything is fixable.

Kristi Ann said...

Oh sweetie, I am so srry to hear that. I will be lifting Echo and your family up in prayers~ The poor thing!

PLEASE update us when you can! I am worried!

Sabrina said...

Here's an update. Last night we had our vet over. He says that it is possible to sew her shut but he thinks when if it swells more it'll just rip back apart which is what happened with Oscar. He was going to have to sedate her and do it right there if he was to do it. He asked if we were ok with letting it heal opened since it's in a tight skin area and I went ahead and agreed to it since Oscar ended up having to have half of his heal that way. It's about 3 inches long and an ugly scar doesn't worry me, it's the infection part that could damage her leg that does. She's lightly limping right now. He said it will be obvious if it gets infected because her hind quarter will blow up. He showed Dave how to give her injections of penicillin and gave us this foamy stuff to place around the wound to keep the bugs from trying to get near it. She did really well to say the least. When the Dr called me on his way over he said "Now Sabrina, I'm not putting my life on the line for a horse I just want you to know that." lol She's not that crazy or anything but he remembered her being skitish a few months back when he did her shots.

I'm not sure if this link will work but this is the damage.

I am pretty sure this happened when I saw her going nuts earlier in the day hearing the horses a few roads away. She was hollering and running around like crazy. I thought she'd try jumping out (she's done it already once) and running to them. So anyways it's become apparent that she does need a friend and as soon as she's healed we will get another horse in there for her. Horses are social animals and you really should have them with another, not by themselves.

kbreints said...

oh my-- I am hoping for a fast recovery! And yes-- everyone needs a friend!

Angela said...

I hope Echo heals without incident.