Monday, August 25, 2008


Well Echo's butt is not pretty (draining and looks nasty!!) but she seems to be doing well and still just limping on it. Dave learned quickly how to do muscular injections from our vet the day it happened and for 4 days has been doing them although we both hate it!!! Imagine Pulp Fiction where they stab the big boss' wife in the chest when she overdoses although the needle is not that long. I believe this is a 18 gauge with a 2o needle??
So soon after this mess happened Dave announced that they were sending him for sure on Monday to Missouri. It was so hard yesterday letting him leave but I have to just thank the school district for starting a bit early this year. lol If it was summer he would probably come home to 4 kids, mommy hanging from the basement rafters. We tried to have as normal of a day before he left as we could. We went to church and both worked in the nursery then we raced home and I prepared some mini sandwiches for my kids and Brownie Girl Scouts as we had a bigday planned before finding out that Dave was leaving. Around 1:30 a few moms and I took the girls to the mall for a shopping spree. I used our troop fund buying them all Webkinz and letting them pick out $10 in merchandise at Claire's. Just a girl's day out! I'm going to guess they had blast. I spent $360 total. Ventured home around 3ish and Daddy left us at about 5. I had tried desperately this weekend to find someone to help give Echo her shots since I would never be able to stick a living being. My neighbor jogging by this morning has a horse and steer and said he would be happy to help while Dave is gone. I was so happy when he gave her that shot (in the butt cheek!!!) without flinching this morning! He even washed the wound with peroxide for me. We have been doing it in the neck which is a better area for us not to end up dead. She didn't like it in the ass though. lol It was a bit crazy but we made it through.

School is going GREAT for all 3 kids. The kids live for school I swear. Mia and I are having a ball just the 2 of us. Today we went to playgroup where she continuously yelled "no" at me running all over the place refusing to come to me telling me "bye" when I said we were leaving. Everyone in playgroup has come to know her favorite words with her arm drawn out like Swiper the Fox from Dora. They are "no!" "go!" "stop and "uh-uh!" She is so darn stubborn. She seems completely fine with the fact that Damien is gone half the day. Probably cherishing it really! lol She watches him get on the bus and then runs off doing her own thing. We went shopping one day and I felt guilty for being so happy I had just 1 kid with me because the trip went so well. Damien and Dominic make shopping miserable running everywhere but having just Mia along for the ride it was actually fun! lol It's been so much easier doing housework without having to separate kids as well. Damien and Mia (although they love each other to death) torment each other over and over when they find something that gets under the other's skin. "Ha Ha" is something they both say to piss each other off. lol
This rain over the summer has been awesome. I think we are up to 10 pumpkins now in the patch! I've got tomatoes, Serrano and Jalapeno peppers up to my eyeballs. I've been making the kids fetch all the Dwarf apples falling to feed to Echo and I made pico de gallo this weekend for Dave using some of the tomatoes. For some reason I have a heat sensitivity to Jalapenos and forgetting to wear gloves my hands were on fire Saturday and finally quit by Sunday evening. I felt like I had frost bite so you can imagine how much that sucked.
So is anyone else feeling just a tad bit guilty for being happy their kids are back in school?

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Christine said...

Your garden sounds delightful. I hope your horse has a speedy recovery.