Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dave comes home today thank goodness. This has actually been pretty easy since the kids are in school but I've been waking up on a regular basis the past 4 nights. I just lay there forever or get up and look outside for the boogieman. It's a bit hard sleeping without him. I finally came to a conclusion last night. I don't really need him cuddling next to me, I don't need him trying to position me back to my side for the baby's sake, I need his snoring. Is that not weird?! I need to hear his loud nasally snore in order to sleep. It's just too quiet without it. I guess after 13 years of sleeping in the same bed together it's just something I've become accustomed to.

The kids have been counting down the days, they really miss him. Mia chatted on the phone last night with him. She kept giggling saying, "it's dadda!" pointing to the phone. It was cute. He's so ready to get back. I guess this branch they sent him to is doing terrible. The branch manager is there for about 2 hours a day because he just doesn't give a crap and the service manager is trying to do his job but just gives up and leaves for the day as well. He's been doing complaint calls the whole time he's been there. He's doing THEIR dirty work that they have put off for months. He's really enjoying Missouri but better not get any ideas to try to move us there. It sounds like they're probably going to have to clean house and look for new management.

Tonight is Boy Scout/Girl Scout sign up night at all the schools in Kansas. I, along with several of my mom's, will be signing up our girls and new girls for this school year. I went yesterday to Hobby Lobby and bought some items for the girls to make a project at a table while the adults sign their girls up. I wanted parents to see how much fun the girls have together so I made this presentation board and printed off a bunch of pictures for parents to look at. It's neat seeing how much they've changed and I think the girls' parents are going to like it. My goal is to make a disc for all the mom's of the pictures I've taken through the year. Can you tell I have all this new found time now that I have 3 in school?

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kbreints said...

Yes-- found time is always wonderful!! Time to do things you have meant to do for a long time!