Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Beer!

I am offering anyone who comes to my house to participate in a painting party as much beer as you want while helping as long as you can still stay on the walls with the paint brush. In the meantime I am taking every pen, pencil, crayon, and marker in this house to my burn barrel in the backyard for a bonfire. Mia is my first child attempting to be an artist and I am not about to let her keep "expressing herself" on everything. If I see her grab a pen and she sees me eye her, she takes off running 90 mph screaming "no no no!!" over and over running to a wall then whips out a few scribbles as fast as she can and throws the writing tool at me and runs off to her room. I've tried giving her girlie coloring books but she will have no part in coloring in a book and will throw it at me. She's driving me bonkers! This is just a select FEW of her canvas' around the house.

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