Monday, August 11, 2008

Ripped off

Yes Sara, you read right! School starts for us on THURSDAY!! Well Damien it will be Monday the 18th but the other 2 start this week.

It's been a LONG summer and I know they are looking forward to getting back to the swing of things (as am I!) These last few weeks I'm watching K and K again until they both start school in their district. Today was my first day so it was kind of a dry run of seeing if I can pull off Thursday. I woke at 6:15, got myself and the kids all up by 7, fed and then K and K were dropped off about 7:30.

Last night however wasn't easy to get much of a good night's sleep anyways since I was a bit on edge.

Sunday morning we were woke up to the door bell at 5 am. As soon as I heard the first ring my eyes flew open and I KNEW something was wrong. Who the hell rings someone's door at 5 am and then starts banging right after!?!?! It was pouring rain so maybe they were trying to make sure we heard!! In the chaos of throwing a pillow at Dave to wake him up, trying to put on clothes, I fell on the floor because I stuck 2 legs in 1 leg hole in my jean shorts then tried to take off for the door. I was a bit frantic you might say. lol All I could think was even though we have locks at the tops of our doors that Damien had escaped or possibly Echo (our horse)somehow got out of her pen. Dave made it first to the door and found it was a neighbor down the road a ways. He apparently woke at 4:30 am to find his doors of his truck opened, rain pouring in the thing, and it had been burglarized. Looking at his neighbors house, same thing. He went house to house down our road shutting truck and car doors and then knocking telling us all that we had been robbed. Yeah. Luckily the vehicle at our house was the company work car, a Dodge Intrepid. They left all 4 doors opened. They took our converter/adapter for the cig lighter, a contractor notebook for preparing bids, a company cell phone, a charger for a different cell phone, all loose change, and a cordless drill. None of it was worth much but that converter turns your cig lighter into a power outlet and it's nice to take things like your laptop. It cost us about $20. They tried getting in the trunk, didn't find the release in the car but found some company truck keys for FORDS, tried them and then left them in the mud by the bumper since they couldn't get in. Jackpot would have been back there since there was $$$ in pest control chemicalsj. The car interior was so soaked. I hope it airs out but right now smells really musty. We tried going back to bed at 5:30 when he left (ha!) but then after laying forever I heard our dogs barking around 6:45 so I jumped up to see what they were barking about. It was the police going house to house this time. I still can't figure out why the dogs didn't wake us up in the middle of the night about the car unless I was in a deep sleep which I doubt. Since having kids I have this extra sensor it seems and wake at the slightest sound.

Cops took a report though and we are just thankful it wasn't much worse. This is our 2nd car broken into, the first we had a TON taken, plus the car was vandalized badly when we were about 19. That was in town, this is way out in the country. Goes to show you that you really can't feel safe anywhere. Yesterday we decided to go ahead and go to church at 8:30 since we were already up and around. I threw in some extra prayers to God on paybacks for the dirtbags. lol After church we came home and decided to clean up really good in the front of the house. We're one of those houses you drive by where you just cringe because they leave all these kid toys outside which you know someday will probably be stolen. Living in the country though I guess we didn't think we had much to worry about. There was kid ride ons, a small little tykes house, bikes, a weed eater, 2 chemical sprayers. They could have made a bit at a pawn shop with all of that. So we put most of it in the garage, some in the backyard and the sprayers should go back to work with Dave. I replaced the lightbulb in our light post and left the other light on the garage on all night. We're going to find some motion lights to install as well. What a pain!


kbreints said...

that is a pain-- I cannot imagine though in the country! I keep my keys in teh ignition. Iused to live in Atlanta and would NEVER dream of it, but now I don't give it a thought.

Jennifer said...

That sucks! I leave my keys in the ignition too! I live in the kinda country kinda city but if I take them out of the van they always get lost!

Sabrina said...

Jennifer, Katie- That's exactly how everyone is out here too. Really don't think anyone's going to do anything like that living 5-10 miles from town. Our road is about a mile long with 7-8 houses. No one obviously locks their doors since every house had a car broke into. lol. We keep our new van in the garage but I always leave my purse in it with the keys. That night I almost left it parked outside, since I wanted to sweep the garage floor. Thankfully I didn't!

kbreints said...

Yeah--maybe I need to re-think that huh? Love the new look by the way!

Jen P said...

Yikes! what a pain the arse! Im glad they didnt take anything major!

I didnt hear Heidi had her baby, she hasnt posted to our little group (no one has in a while). I emailed her THANKS for the info!

Tracy said...

That is so scary. It's too bad nobody woke up and caught them in the act... I mean by calling the police, not confronting them.

That is a very good thing you had the new car in the garage. I leave my things in the car while I'm at work, but when I get home I always take everything in with me and lock my doors. I live kinda in the woods, but there have been teens breaking into cars over the years, so I'd rather be safe.

Adam and Megan's Mom said...


Seriously you people leave your keys in the ignition? Teeheehee not from a big city I guess! If I did that here, my car would be stolen in seconds!