Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kansas State Fair

Dave was off on the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday so we could go to the fair this year without going on the weekend when it's really busy. Our fair here has a Dollar day which was Monday and with how pregnant I feel at the moment, I wanted all of us to go on the cheap day just in case I wanted to leave early. After everyone headed to school in we packed up Mia a few things and left. Alex was a bit sad because her class was going to be there and I wasn't going to help out. (they were there from 9:30-2:30!!) I ran into a few mom's helping out with 5-6 classmates that gave me crap for not helping. They were given these huge scavenger hunts they had to spend the day on so I didn't feel bad for not helping after all! lol It was definitely different with just Mia. I think just walking 50 feet in the gate Dave realized this big huge deal I've made of only one kid tagging along is quite awesome! He started commenting right away on how different it was just having Mia there instead of all 4.
Here's an example of differences:

With Mia: We took an umbrella stroller which easily maneuvered through people well, we took a bag of animal crackers and a sippy drink. We stopped at vendor booths to shop, it was quiet, she didn't complain at all to get out of her stroller, she was happy and waved at everyone.

With all 4: We take the double stroller, we pack a cooler full of pop, sandwiches, granola bars. We can't stop anywhere because the kids are all impatient, the kids tell us what they want to do and get mad when we do what the other wanted to, someone pees or poops themselves, there are lots of tears, Damien is leaning all over trying to get out of the stroller, their feet hurt, they want to play every rip off game they see. More tears.

After spending the morning there we came home to retrieve Damien off the bus and then picked the kids up from school and went back at 4pm. This time was to ride the rides since they were $1. Each year this gets worse for me as I am the overprotective type mother. This was Damien's first year and he wasn't going to listen to mommy saying "no you're too little let's ride this." He was listening to Dominic screaming, "yeah! This one's awesome!!! It goes fast!!" All the kids rode quite a few rides and Mia rode the Merry Go Round twice. Twice because the time I took her, she automatically started throwing a fit as it slowed to a stop saying " no" saying it faster as it kept slowing to a stop. I knew just from that it wasn't going to be pretty getting her off. As soon as the horse stopped going up and down all hell broke loose. First she started shaking the hand bar excessively as if that was going to make it go. Then she started jumping up and down screaming "nonononononono!!!" Then I told her it was all done and tried prying her off which ended up in lots of kicks to my fat gut and smacks to the head. She head butted me and then continued to smack my head and pull my hair. The carnie guy didn't know what to think and I just said, "she really likes this ride!" This is typical Mia though so I got her to Daddy and he jumped back in line with her and Damien this time. I guess the 2nd time was all she needed because she got off all happy. Here's a few pics of the kids on the rides. I forgot my camera so I had to use my cell phone so not the best quality!!

Here's a ride Dominic thought everyone should ride. (shaking my head) For the sake of not going into labor or hyperventilating, I said no.

This was Damien's 1st fair ride ever! Daddy got to ride them all with him since I couldn't.
I forgot how fast this ride was and I was freaking the whole time that Alex wasn't going to hold him tight enough. I was a nervous wreck the 3-4 minutes they were on it. He loved it though.
Damien in the hot rod.
Dominic and Alex
The boys riding the motorcycles
Another ride I had a hard time with.....ugh! My heart was beating hard!!!!
Mia is a GOOD mood with mommy while the ride was in motion. Should have got a shot of after it ended.
Dominic exiting the fun house

After the rides the kids we checked out the animals before leaving, especially rabbits to figure out the kids next 4H projects. I think we're going to try out Jersey Woolies this year. Dave and I are going to sneak down there again and see about buying some that placed well. They are not as high maintenance as Angora's and just as cute. Lot less fur to deal with. Dominic doesn't really have a preference. They are small enough that I think Alex can manage them better than our Mini Rex and Dutch. Here's a few pics similar to the ones we are thinking of buying.
I think they are adorable, Dave's not too impressed about getting more animals but he knows with 4H, this is life. :)


Mama Kalila said...

Looks like fun.. but I can't imagine going at that point in pg. Just going to our family reunion last summer about wore me out. And I can't believe they expected you to help out either... good grief!

Jena9286 said...

State Fairs rock! We always go to the MN State Fair and I see you have one of those giant slides. We do too only it is 4 times as wide. The kids love it. We are not too much into rides, but love going and looking at all the STUFF! Looks like you had a great day!

Kristi Ann said...

Aww...I just love fair pictures. The kids all look so happy and like they had a blast.

Hope you and the baby are well! :) Miss talking to you! Are you a part of another board?