Friday, September 12, 2008

A Quiver Full~ Probably More Than I Deserve

After rushing around and getting the kids to bed the other night then relaxing in the front room, Dave let me know that HIS BOSS this time was questioning him whether we were going to be "done." Good grief, our sex/personal life is on everyone's minds lately now that we are coming to an end here. I kind of paused for a minute, smiled and asked "what did you tell him?" Now I would always smile when this comes up because my husband is the KING of smart ass remarks to this question. His favorite response is that we're going till we're tax exempt. This time however my mouth about dropped to the floor when he told me he told him "well S, you know the Bible says we should accept a quiver full of God's blessings." I must have had a stunned look on my face because he gave me this dumb "what?" look after saying it. I said "ummm. Yeah. OMG!! Why oh why would you say that! You ding-dong!"

Now Dave is good friends with his boss but still S is quite religious. I told him he'd better clarify quiverfull to S. Quiverfull in our life would be, we are trying to be Godly parents to the children we have and although we would accept any of amount of blessings God would see fit, with C-sections and having to space kids we can not be quiverfull minded like he's probably got his boss thinking. We have to prevent, avoid to some extent for my safety and then we can try again usually after about a year which is what we've done after each kiddo. Although Dave tells everyone we're done (which I do too) I know he would love more but money worries him to death. He did tell S he doesn't think he could do anything permanent which is something he's told me for a long time now.

I have no idea if he's re-discussed this topic with his boss but I hope to find out tonight. I decided after this one that I don't really want him answering the "done" or "fixed" questions.


Julie said...

I think it's really rude when people try to pry into your dreams and desires for your family and kids.

I think that your hubby's answer was a good one actually...It makes me wonder how many arrows it takes tomake a quiver full!

Mama Kalila said...

We've only got one so far & already getting input from people on this lol. Granted part of it is the fact that we are hoping for a large family (we'd like 6, but obviously we'll take however many we're given wether its more or less). Jaws drop when someone asks how many we want. On top of that though... we don't believe in birth control... so we get questioned about that, esp by the people that don't think much of NFP (um... our daughter is almost one & I'm not pregnant yet lol).
I've already told my husband if his mom says anything to me (so far her comments have been aimed his way) that I'm gonna tell her that we plan to be the next Duggar family & have 27 children. (and yes I know that's almost 10 more than they have lol)

I actually like your husbands comment too though...

mary grace said...

WHAT?!?!? YOu don't like people asking you about your s@x life? What's wrong with you?!?!? :-)

Now when people ask me if we're done, I say, "Well, my hubby should be home around 6:30. We get all of the kiddos down by about 8:30, then there's laundry and all that jazz. So, I'd say, if anything's going to happen, it would be around 10 p.m. Why don't you come on over then and let us know what you think?"

THey usually turn bright, beet red.

Pipsylou said...

People and their dumb questions!

I LOVED his response!