Monday, September 15, 2008

A New School Year Of Craziness

I was really hoping for a smooth start to the school year. Four weeks in, things are just stressing me out! So far we have lost 2 jackets.....ALREADY! Damien was sent home today because he puked and had a fever. Dominic has had a few of his "quirks" affecting his school year. I mentioned them over here. Alex has lost her Agenda book twice now and went to school today without it since we couldn't find it here. I'm really kinda upset about the jackets. One was Damien's, a size 4 Halloween jacket he wore 1 day. I am pretty sure the bus driver gave it to another kid that said it was his because he said he had one similar to that on his bus. Dominic's he's worn quite a bit so I'm hoping someone will recognize it was his and get it to him eventually. Never had this happen before but heed my advice....label all your kid's crap!!! lol

So I picked up Damien other. Poor guy is passed out now with a temp of 102. All 4 woke at 6:15 am for breakfast. Damien wanted to play with Shake and Go cars instead of eating, then he laid on the couch looking miserable. When I mentioned the bus it perked him up so I thought he was fine and sent him off. Guess not because he puked on his snack. I had just put Mia on a swing since we were at our church playgroup when I got the call. I tried to warn Mia a few minutes ahead of time we were going to have to leave.........didn't go well. I think I'll probably have bruises on my collar bone and stomach from all the headbutting and kicking. We came home and he ate a few pieces of cinnamon toast to get something in his tummy then went down. I wanted to go to Target this morning but instead we'll be home today because I don't take kids anywhere if they're in puke mode.

Did anyone see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live doing Palin and Clinton? OMG how hilarious. I think it's probably on You Tube if you didn't watch. How was your weekend?

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