Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charades Video Fun!

This is a video of 3 year old Damien trying to tell us.......something. See if you can guess what he's trying to say. This is part of our everyday life with Damien since he has such a bad case of Speech Apraxia and tongue thrust. He is very smart you will see and knows we can eventually figure out what he's trying to tell us. The words you hear in the video are about the only one's we hear day to day that he can say. He is however learning sign language at school now and can sign "more" and "drink." I'll post the answer tomorrow! HINT: The very end of the clip is a big clue when he points at me. It actually took us about 20 minutes to figure out what he was trying to say, not 3 1/2 minutes. lol


Kristi Ann said...

You can tell he really IS trying toget his point across....I love his little giggle as you guys guess. And when he barked like a dog Kayla came running over and insists I play it again! Thanks Damien! :) LOL

He is a doll and Mia looks so cute lovin on her daddy!

I love your family....they are so sweet! :o)

Lorie said...

Sabrina, he is sooo cute! His little smile and laugh when you guess wrong is just too precious. I bet he was sooo excited when you guessed right. He is so cute.

Mia is too funny too...great age.