Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mrs. BetterthanU is Back and Better Than Ever!

Never heard of her? Well read by clicking her name in the labels part of this post.

Last night I had a Brownie meeting but it was also a parent meeting since I was introducing the mom's to the 1st fundraiser our troop does. It started out well, everyone was pretty attentive and listening. I got half way through my speech and starting talking about how we set super small goals for the girls and tell them to pick something they would like to do as a troop for around that amount of money. I guess this was the PERFECT opportunity for Mrs. BetterthanU to speak up infront of ALL the parents. The conversation went like this.

Mrs. BetterthanU: "Are they actually going to DO things this year with their money?"

Me: (A bit shocked and speechless) "what? What do you mean?"

Mrs. BetterthanU: "Well they didn't DO anything at all last year. You were going to take them swimming but it was too cold that day."

Me: "It was in the 60's that day. And they did alot last year. We had that skating party." That's the only thing I could think of since I was like shocked that she was putting me on the spot. I wasn't being a smart ass or anything and as cheery as I could be."

Mrs. BetterthanU: "Well I didn't know about that."

Her daughter: "yeah mom, remember we missed it because you forgot." (HEE HEE!)

Another girl: "Yeah we did that and we all got Webkinz and went shopping at Claire's too." (PS: that trip cost $470!!!!)

We've done TONS of craft projects which cost money, decorated 2 parade floats, etc. We did quite a bit last year. It kinda dropped off there and I kept talking about the fundraiser to everyone. I have learned just to let crap just slide but you know what? This is bull crap. This lady has it out for me, I know she does. She's always made snide remarks about crap to me, stupid things like features her van had that my old one didn't. Or her man is a REAL man because he's a Marine in the reserves. UGH! Call me stuck on myself but I know she's jealous of the fact that I'm pregnant and that I'm leading the troop. She was SUPPOSED to be my co-leader last year, came to 3 meetings and then just stopped coming because another mom was helping too. She's told me personally that she wanted more kids but had to have a hysterectomy after her 3rd. When I became pregnant with this one I hid it from her until she overheard me and another mom talking one day at a meeting and said, "you're pregnant again??!?!" I said, "yup!" and I said it happily! lol

If she's trying to say I can't lead a troop and do things with the girls because I'm pregnant she's dead wrong. I think I've done a great job this year (being pregnant since Jan. 11th!) infact my sister said her daughter's troop didn't do ANYTHING last year at all and she wished Madison would be able to join our's if it wasn't for the drive to another town. I attended all the trainings even a 3 hour one last month. I just don't understand why people have to be so vicious, especially one that goes to a sister Southern Baptist church!! Good thing is everyone knows this is typical Mrs. BetterthanU and I'm sure they will all have things to say about it to me when she's not around. 2 already did last night after she left.

So what's she do before leaving? Asks if the 2 Avon books of mine belonged to anyone and then took them. Maybe I'll make some money off her next week. She still buys Avon from me usually every few months.


Kristi Ann said...

Thats the spirit! She is an ass. Plain and simple.
She probably isnt happy with her own life so she makes those around her miserable as well. Either that or shes jealous! :)

Oh and on Avon...I need to check out the site..its been a while, and after what just happened to me...I think I need to treat myself!

Lucia's Mom said...

My guess is jealous. Sure, you work your butt off, but you've got an awesome family and happy marriage. You've got a good deal there, girl, enough to make lots of women jealous.

Besides, she's probably "difficult" to lots of people, not just you. Try to ignore it if you can.