Monday, September 29, 2008

Stick A Fork In Me!

I'm Done. The next 2 weeks shall be interesting as I don't think I'll be going anywhere far from home except when I absolutely have to. I have a wide variety of shooting pains in my bladder, legs, and belly. Peeing every 30 minutes being a big reason for not going anywhere. I am tired of dragging Mia and Damien into stalls with me and begging them to not touch anything. Of course the first thing they do is get down on their hands and knees and crawl under the door.

We had a yard sale Friday evening and Saturday morning. Made only about $80 on just small miscellaneous junk around the house. I stuck a ton of toys out there and what didn't sell I ended up bringing back in. I was really hoping more toys would sell but I sold quite a few that I was happy to part with. The kids got $15 each to add to their piggy bank stash so that made them happy. The only one who spends their bank money is Dominic. When he sees something on TV he HAS to have. Alex is our frugal one saving as much as she can. She has $200 right now. Not many 8 yr olds can say that! lol

After the sale on Saturday I wearily decided we'd pack up and go to our town's chili festival that we go to every year. We packed up some crackers and drinks for the kids since they would not be eating what we were eating. It was basically lunch for Dave and I as there were like 20 booths of soups and chili. The kids did a great job, we didn't have any fits which is always nice. Certain vendors try to sway you to vote for them by giving out "extras" so along with their snacks they were shoved full of small cups of ice cream, cinnamon rolls, and cups of oyster crackers.

Sunday morning we went to church which was also my last scheduled date to help in the preschool and nursery rooms for awhile. I will be helping with Awana for 2 more weeks and then I'll be on a break from that as well. In a way I'm a bit relieved because I need a vacation from it. I also get tired of missing the message from our Pastor and having to watch online.

Dave's mom has finally decided she will come and help for a week while I'm in the hospital so he's trying to find a decent priced ticket for her since we're paying. I thought if we bought it months ago it would be cheaper but it seems like maybe the closer to the date, the cheaper it is? Is that how it works? He's been on priceline, orbit, etc but can't find anything cheaper round trip than $300. I guess $300 for a nanny for a week is probably pretty decent and I should be happy with that. I just hope she doesn't drive me bonkers like she usually does when I'm back home!


Veronica said...

Don't these last couple of weeks seem so pointless? The waiting game is agony. Good luck with everything!

kbreints said...

Wow~ time flies!! I cannot believe that she is almost here!

Crystal said...

You are so close! ACK! I hope the last few weeks go fast for you!

Haley said...

Wow Sabrina, it won't be long now, I was just thinking of you. I am glad I found your blog.

Take care,
Haley (from BBC)

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Sooo close!!

My mom is having a yard sale this weekend and I'm thinking about draggin my crap over there to sell. If it doesn't I wonder if my mom would mind if I left it there LOL