Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Weeks Post Partum

First, I will make you all proud by saying I haven't cried since Monday. When Dave came home that evening he came right in and gave me a big hug so I could cry. We just don't know what's in store for Bailey yet. Right now he's able to hold his head up and eat/drink. His legs though aren't working yet. His X-rays show no visible trauma to his spinal cord so it's hard to say what's going on. They've got him on high doses of steroids and IV's hoping it will strengthen him. IF, big IF he makes it back on his feet, he's going to my mother's to live for awhile. The vet doesn't think it would be wise (neither do we) to bring him in a home where the kids are going to play aggressively or land on him. So that's where we are on that.

Along with getting Bailey into the Dr, I had an appointment with the Health Department since I am breastfeeding and they are worried about that and Sophia's mouth. They weighed her and it came out at 8lbs 1.5 oz which would be less than she left the hospital. I told them there was no way that could be possible as she felt heavier, ate all the time and always acted full afterwards. Well obviously they had this idea I was starving her because they called her Ped while I was sitting there and told me she had an appointment immediately with her Dr. We drove across town to the Ped's office and got in quickly. They asked a zillion questions, popped her on the scale naked and she came out at 9lbs 0 oz and this was at 13 days old. The nurse kept picking her up and putting her down over and over. I just snorted and said "I knew it!" I told her that they need to call the Health Department and tell them to calibrate their scales so they did.
Dave's office had a huge meeting today with their regional coming in from OKC today to explain to the other staff that their boss was leaving. He asked my thoughts about him applying for the position and I told him just to go for it. It would be a pretty large pay raise and honestly I don't think he can be gone anymore than what he already is. I have yet to hear from him, I'm not calling him because I don't want to look like a bug-a-boo if the regional is still there. If they've decided to bring someone in from somewhere else I don't know how he's going to take it. He says he'd be fine with it but I know he's wanted to go for this position but we were hoping it was going to be local and now here it's happening so we'll see.

We have had 3 Parent-Teacher conferences in the past week. It's amazing, especially with the boys seeing how far they've came. Alex is so smart and her teacher was all about praising her again. This is her 2nd year with this teacher She uses her as a tutor to the other kids just as she did last year with her. She really thinks she should be a teacher however Alex has already told me she wants to be a veterinarian. (just like Mommy wanted to be but never did. lol)

Dominic's teacher is super nice and I've known her since Alex was a kinder in another class. They specifically put him in her class because of her attitude and way of working with kid's with special needs. She told us first that at the beginning of the year she had to be hard on him to whip him into shape. He had alot of behavioral issues for her but she says he's doing much better now. He's finally writing with a pencil legible (he's a lefty) and has learned so much from what he was when he came in for screening. However as we were about to leave she said she needed to mention some observations she had of him and asked if we had ever had him tested for Autism. (cringe) I can say for me and probably Dave too it's hard when someone just out of the blue asks us that. In her words, "not full Autism but a milder form." I told her that we have been told by other teachers that they fear he may have PDD-NOS or Aspergers but No we have not had him specifically tested. She told me she didn't think we should just to avoid another label on him but she wanted to mention it so when he's in 6th grade and another teacher says "hey..." we can say we already know. She kept saying "there's these certain things...." I said, "you mean quirks? Ticks?" She pointed at me and said "yes! That's exactly it!" So I think she knows now I'm already well informed of the situation. Dominic is a special little guy.
Anyways I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this crappy postpartum period. I told the nurse at my OB's office I would wait at least a month before I tried any meds. I really think I can pull through this once I can figure a way to wing having 5 kids and getting things done in the day. I really didn't think throwing a 5th into the mix would be so much work!

A few recent pictures.....
I can't believe after we tried to have our kids close in age that we have had 3 in the last 3 years. I love seeing how happy Damien and Mia are with their sister.
Sophia trying to sleep but I'm always camera happy.

Oh Cindy, I was going to tell you that some of the bows I have are from a friend from church. She makes them and I think she has a store online. I'll have to ask her for the URL. I have thought about making some (especially now with 3 girls!) but uh, no time. lolI love this picture. I told Daddy this picture is screaming to him that we are NOT done. lol He is so happy and in love with the kids however he looks like he's about to fall over dead from being sleep deprived. lol


Mama Kalila said...

Don't you just love how ill informed these people are about breastfeeding? Babies lose weight after birth, it's normal!!! So even if she had... it wouldn't be because you were starving her lol. I'm glad you proved them wrong on the weight though.

I'm also glad you're feeling better. I know you want to wait before trying meds (I felt the same way) but there's nothing wrong w/ changing your mind if you need too. You've definately got a lot on your plate right now...

I love seeing the pics btw. She's beautiful!

kbreints said...

Yes, it is normal!! Henry was still not at his birtj weight two weeks after-- they had me switch to formula, and he took off-- glad tha tyou were able to prove them all wrong!

Tracy said...

I hope Bailey is doing better. Our Pepper had a similar situation, and we were thinking he may need wheels since surgery just wasn't in our budget. (the emergency care wasn't either, but he got it) Anyway, the prednisone worked amazing, and most of the time he walks like nothing is wrong. He had been dragging his back legs. He has very small spaces between his vertebrae, so I'm lucky that he is trim and muscular so I don't have to worry about weight issues hurting his back. 2 of our females are piggies though and very round especially now as they are 9 and 6 years old.... they aren't allowed on beds and thankfully we have a 1 level house.

Good Luck!

I'm glad Sophia is gaining, but sorry you have to fight to prove that you aren't neglecting her. She's so adorable too.

Jess said...

Sabrina, I hope things continue to improve. Don't feel bad if you need a little help, women's bodies can go haywire after childbirth because of all the hormones.

The kids are adorable, as always!

Crystal said...

She's absolutely freaking BREATHTAK
ING! I'm so sorry I haven't been on here sooner, but my life with my 5wk old baby and the 17 month old is CRAZY! I loved catching up on your blog!

Give all your babies a kiss from me! They are so precious!