Thursday, October 09, 2008

George Help Us!

The past few weeks with the economy has made me so sick to my stomach. Thank the Lord good ol' George W will be leaving office soon. We got one statement the other day on our stocks and that was dated 9-27-08 (before this huge drop). We've lost over $2K in a year. We still haven't received the one on our 401K with much more money in it. I totally feel for my dad who had a bunch of Washington Mutual funds. He has always tried to think positive in times like this saying "it's only paper until it's in your hand anyways." lol Anyone else feel like puking over all this?

So what are we all to do? Is the cost of gas now going to offset how much we all are losing? lol I think not but it's funny that gas is now (atleast here) $2.77 and going down daily. Is everything else going to start crashing in price?


Mama Kalila said...

$2.77 ??? I'm so jealous! I just found out ours is down to $2.99 though so I'm doing a happy dance about that...

Jenn said...

I'm jealous too... ours is still at $3.19!

I just finished reading up on the last 3-4 posts and I am so sorry for all you're going through with the stress of the kids and Gabriella on the way. I wish I could offer some advice, or even some physical help, but I think Gabriella would be here before I arrived. lol. I will keep you in prayer though!!