Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dear Sabrina

OMG I swear I am going to pack up, take Highway 50 and go hide somewhere alone in the Colorado Mountains and just come back on the 14th for Gabriella's eviction. I got this note this morning when I was running around like a idiot trying to get Alex and Dominic ready for school at 6:30. I was putting Dom's sack lunch in his bag for this field trip when I came across this. I just mentioned the other day (Oct 2 post) about all the notes I get from school and how they are all addressed to me and not Daddy. (sigh) Apparently Dominic had an accident yesterday and I didn't even notice he was wearing a pair of girl jeans when he arrived back here. Why? Because I was preparing for my Brownie meeting, making dinner, straightening the house and doing a load of dishes. Then Daddy gave him his shower last night and didn't notice either.

So Dominic has had 2 poop accidents in his pants the past week. He has this problem of thinking he can hold it forever or gets too involved with something and doesn't make it in time. I don't know if the ADHD has anything to do with it or not but at home Dave and I both know his hand on the butt of his pants means he needs to poop so in public we're always running him to a bathroom. It really sucks because the kid poops like 3-4 times a day and he hardly ever eats fruits and veggies which is super weird. He hardly ever pees his pants except at night if we don't wake him at 10:30 and carry him to the toilet.

So I called Daddy this morning about it since he left here around 6:00 am. Told him that if he has an accident his teacher wants me to drive 30 + miles to the tiny town where the pumpkin patch is to pick him up (which is also over 1 hour total driving time) and Damien's bus would probably be bringing him home. His answer. "Oh, that's great." Not 'well if anything happens call me so i can help' or 'let me call around and find someone off work to help if it happens' just "oh." *$#^*#%@#??#@# Sorry that was me bashing my head into the wall. I probably should have just kept Dominic home but he was looking so forward to this trip today and if I kept him home he would have went berserk and our house could have had some structural damage. lol

So along with the stress of worrying if I'll get a call from a teacher in BFE with my child, I'm also supposed to be entering a nut/magazine order from our Brownie troop that is due today. The girls won't make that much off of it, we probably should have just skipped it since the school was doing a fundraiser too making it hard for us but i wanted to at least try. Plus I figured the dates to do things were still a week out from my C-section so I'd be safe. I'm supposed to be meeting up with our playgroup this morning too but THAT obviously isn't going to happen. lol


kbreints said...

oh no! I am so sorry! I am sure that this is embarassing for him.

Kristi Ann said...

Well honey it happens. They do get so caught up in whatever activity they are doing and then "ooops".

I hope that he gets to enjoy the pumpkin patch and that YOU dont have to make an unnecessary trip.


Sabrina said...

Well here's an update. He made it through the trip with no accidents. Came home from school all proud of himself. Today I put extra clothes in his bag just in case. I was so glad I never got a phone call. A 1 hr drive would have been so killer on my bladder. The pumpkin patch is literally a 20 acre farm in the middle of nowhere. The closest town has nothing there, not even a gas station.