Monday, October 06, 2008

Hot Rods

This weekend we took the kids to a car show in town because I knew the boys would have a blast....or I should say Damien would have a blast. Dominic likes cars but he would have been more excited if it was a train show however Damien was screamin like a little girl at everything.

The best part was the Open Header parade. I told Dave when reading about it in the paper that we HAD to be at that parade because I knew Damien would go nuts. Open headers would be when they rev the engines showing off their horsepower. Dominic had a hard time with this because of his SID. Daddy had to hold his ears the entire time but he didn't cry which was great for all of us! Here's a short clip of how excited Damien was.

We found this truck which we BELIEVE this may be the truck Dave owned when we first got together at 16 yrs old. Dave and his dad bought and fixed up many classic vehicles when we first were dating. I loved this truck because he had this huge stereo in it and it was a lowrider which was unique! Anyways there's not really many trucks that look like this obviously but who ever bought it from him had restored it even more as the bed did not tilt when he owned it.

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kbreints said...

Go girl walking around like that so close to pooping another baby out!