Monday, October 20, 2008

Sophia~6 Days Old

As if having a baby by C-section isn't enough trauma to the body, every child I've had to endure about 2 weeks or so of baby blues. I have to call some places and make some arrangements for different things, have I? No. As soon as I get on that phone I'm bound to fall apart. It started today as soon as my mother in law left. Her job and visit are done and although I'm sad to see her leave, I'm not THAT SAD. She did great helping with dishes and laundry, straightening the mess of constant kid toys, changing diapers on 3 kids. (sigh) 3 kids in diapers no where close to being potty trained. Argh. I hope this goes away quickly but today I just wish Dave would cut out of work early and come home. I really need his hugs. But anyways....Sophie is such a lovely little girl. My little Dracula as I've been calling her. I totally lost it Saturday evening (4 days old) when MIL threw away an ounce of breast milk. I had pumped it and left it on the counter in the kitchen. By that time I was just starting to get milk to come in so anything I had was precious to me. I ran in the bedroom with her and just cried and cried and cried. This thing with her mouth, breastfeeding and upcoming surgery is just too much for this mommy. First what the hell is it!?! Second if your Dr's aren't even sure, do you trust them to just go in there and start sawing away at her gums? Third it could be possibly interfering with breastfeeding. By the 2nd day in the hospital I had a nipple that was all scabbed up on the top. I went to pumping that side, feeding on the other and supplementing formula when that wasn't enough. Today is the first day she hasn't had any formula and I feel pretty good about that. She's eating about 3 oz at a time right now when she has a pumped bottle.

Recovery is going well. I'm sore today but am able to clean and reach down to the floor without much pain, just some soreness. I have some horrible bruises all along the bottom of my stomach where they had to pry her out. That's mainly the area I'm sore at now. Dang ginormous babies. I quit taking Percocet as of Saturday but then I pumped Sunday and had terrible cramps like I was having the worst period ever so I took another. Saturday we took Sophia in for her first little check up at 4 days old and she's lost quite a bit of weight, down to about 8lbs 3 oz so nearly a pound. She was a bit jaundiced too which I had noticed but it's gone now. Sunday we went to church and everyone had to get their peek at her. Poor Dominic thought we were never coming for him and we found him crying at the doorway waiting for us. I felt so awful! I explained to him to never think we would ever just forget him or leave him anywhere because we'd never do that. We loved him too much to forget about him. It was really heartbreaking to see him like that but we've had that happen many times with Alex.
Today I feel really good. I even packed the girls up this morning and ran to a friend's house for a few minutes. Not supposed to be driving but that's the reason I quit taking the Perc's over the weekend. I might even try laying flat tonight. We have a nice wedge pillow that I've been using plus putting other pillows on top so I'm laying down but like in a hospital bed. lol I hate getting down and then trying to get up especially getting up often with a baby. Makes me feel like I'm going to rip clean apart. I've tried to wear loose clothing the past week. I'm wearing maternity jeans today but they are killing my belly button. My legs/feet still look like I'm an elephant from all that fluid. Ahh the joys of a C-section. And can you believe Saturday walking in the hospital holding my sore back some lady in admissions had the nerve to ask if I was in labor? I polietely said "I just had her 4 days ago" pointing to Dave with the carrier. Ugh. I hope all this swelling starts to go away soon.


Jen said...

You always amaze me. Up and at church already! You GO GIRL! She is a cutie!

Mama Kalila said...

I wont claim to know what it's like after a c-section - I'm amazed at how much you're doing after one though.

As for the rest... taht I can sympathize with. I hope the blues go away... and that her mouth isn't interfereing w/ bf (or you can get past it easily if it is). Keep up the good work though & congrats on making it today w/out formula! I would have cried over the lost milk too btw... I still get somewhat upset when some is wasted.

Anyways, take care & enjoy that cutie!

kbreints said...

oh I am sorry!! Baby blues are the worst! She is beautiful and I am sure that you will pull through great.... hand in there!

Sara said...

Sabrina!!! Congratulations!!! She is so precious, and I'm relieved that you came through everything okay. I can only imagine the huge adjustment it must be right now, with three kids in diapers and all. But I am so happy for you. :)

I'm sorry I missed all this, by the way. Life got hectic!!!!


Angela said...

Sophia is beautiful Sabrina!! Those first few weeks are hard with the baby blues. I was very impressed at your trip to church so soon after Sophia's arrival.

Haley said...

Congratulations Sabrina!

Sophie is gorgeous. I am so glad I found a link to your board on the old BBC today. I was just wondering today if you had your little girl yet. I really can sympathize with the swelling. I swelled after all my c-sections too! I have saved a link to your blog now.

Take care and try to get some rest!


Kristi Ann said...

oh Sweetie! So much to deal with! I wish I could hop a plane over and help you out....(ok well I have an ulterior motive....I would lOVE to get my hands on that GORGEOUS little girl!)....

I will be thinking of you lots, and know that you can call to vent or talk anytime!!